JoAnn Hackos, Comtech Services, Inc.

We are pleased to welcome Dawn Stevens back to Comtech after an almost 12-year hiatus.

Dawn brings 22 years of experience in documentation and training, She has served in most major documentation and training disciplines, including project management, writing, editing, instructional design, and multimedia programming. Her unique blend of experiences gives her an understanding and empathy for the people who turn to Comtech for training and guidance, and who are impacted by the consulting advice we provide.

In addition, Dawn brings the experience of running a training department as senior manager for several years. As such, Dawn appreciates the challenges facing our customers as they try to implement our recommendations. She has personally battled corporate politics, navigated road blocks, overcome hurdles, and coached and driven her team toward excellence as she worked to incorporate best practices into her department.

Throughout her career, Dawn has worked with a variety of industries, including aviation, computer software and hardware, medical devices, and telephony. She has found that despite the differences in technology and content, documentation and training challenges transcend the boundaries between industries, and she sees her consulting role as largely helping professionals learn from the experiences of others that they might not otherwise hear about.

Dawn’s experiences are split almost equally between documentation and training emphases. She is a firm believer that training and documentation are complementary disciplines that should work much more closely together than they are allowed in most organizations. Beyond the practical cost-saving advantages of sharing information between the two groups, there are significant customer-facing advantages to be found In a single, consistent message, specifically designed for the target audience.

As you would expect in 22 years, Dawn has worked with a variety of media and tools, from the old days of physical paste up to the latest in e-publishing. She is equally well versed in print production processes as electronic publishing and has experience leading the transition from paper to online. She understands the intricate differences between writing paper-based, online, and video content, and she recognizes the distinction between preparing instructor-led training and self-paced training products.

Dawn has a specific passion for documentation and training project management processes, metrics, and standards. She enjoys collecting and analyzing industry metrics, and believes that these metrics can reveal problem areas and justify changes. She considers herself a problem solver, always looking for better ways to meet documentation and training needs.

Dawn holds a Master’s Degree in Technical Communication, with an emphasis in Instructional Systems Design. Her undergraduate degree is in Engineering Physics, with minors in Geophysics and Humanities and Social Sciences.