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Volume 4, Issue 10
October 2004

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News & Events

CIDM Best Practices conference 2004 — October 18–20, 2004

It’s not too late to sign up. Read more about the conference and how you can register.

Upcoming Workshops

The CIDM sponsors the following workshops:

XML for Writers
Jen Linton,
October 26–27
Durham, NC

XML for Writers
Jen Linton,
November 10–11
Marlboro, MA

Developing a Content Management Strategy
JoAnn Hackos,
December 14–15
Santa Monica, CA

For more information on these and other workshops, visit the JoAnn Hackos Workshop Series Web site

Astoria Software Online Seminar

“Moving from Books to Topic-Oriented Writing”
Presented by Dr. JoAnn Hackos of Comtech Services, Inc.
Thursday, October 28, 2004, at 10:00 PDT

Read more about the online seminar and how to register on Astoria Software’s Website.

Design Patterns: Creating Consistent Information Designs for Print and Web
JoAnn Hackos, PhD
CIDM Director

Design patterns provide us with an approach to the design of technical information that is familiar in a print environment but provides a new approach for the design of Web-based information. Recently, Glenn D’Amore, Senior Director at ADP Payroll Services, pointed me toward an interesting new book, The Design of Sites: Patterns, Principles, and Processes for Crafting a Customer-Centered Web Experience by Douglas K. Van Duyne, James A. Landay, and Jason I. Hong (Addison Wesley, 2003). The focus of this book is on the design of customer-oriented Web sites.

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Presenting the Presentation…
How to Recognize Chronic Time Abusers

October Best Practices newsletter

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October 2004 Best Practices Newsletter



From the Director

JoAnn Hackos

Requirements: A Primer for Technical Communicators

Karen Steele and Jan Shelton

Implementing the Information Architect Role in the Rational Unified Process

Visnja Beg, Michael Priestley, and Amber Swope

How to Publish Dynamic Documents More Easily

PG Bartlett

The Information Developer’s Dilemma

Bill Hackos

The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail

Ginny Redish

The Innovator’s Solution: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth

JoAnn Hackos

Presenting the Presentation…
Palmer Pearson
Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Have you ever sat through a presentation and not been able to recall the main point? Have you presented and been totally unaware that your audience was dreaming about their vacation plans instead of intently dwelling on slide 32 of your six-month strategy? Everyone can be guilty of lulling others to sleep, but as technical communicators, we are under added pressure to be concise and to inform.

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How to Recognize Chronic Time Abusers
Catherine Carvajal
Conference Coordinator

We all have rushed to finish a project at the last minute or agreed to help a coworker with a project, only to realize that we have taken on much more than we can handle. A common problem in the workplace can also lead to chronic time abuse.

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