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Volume 6, Issue 10
October 2006

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News & Events

Register now for DITA Europe 2006 to be held November 2–3, in Frankfurt, Germany.

Content Management Strategies 2007 to be held March 26–28, in Boston, MA.

Content Management Strategies 2007 Conference Call for Speakers

Click here for more information.

DITA Webinar Series–Sponsored by Comtech Services, XMetaL and XyEnterprise

Part 1: DITA & Translationfeaturing JoAnn Hackos, XyEnterprise, XMetaL
October 24, 2006
10am PST | 1pm EST | 6pm GMT

Part 2: Conditional Publishingfeaturing JoAnn Hackos and Jennifer Linton, XyEnterprise, XMetaL
November 20, 2006
10am PST | 1pm EST | 6pm GMT

Part 3: Specialization featuring JoAnn Hackos and Jennifer Linton, XyEnterprise, XMetaL
January 18, 2007
10am PST | 1pm EST | 6pm GMT More Information

Free On-Demand Webinar
“Why VPs Fear Document Production”

This is a free webinar event featuring JoAnn Hackos, Coleen Smith, and Chip Gettinger. You can listen to the webinar here. Has Posted a Soapbox Forum on “Do We Really Need All That Glue?” by JoAnn Hackos

A debate in topic-oriented authoring is underway surrounding how to deal with “glue text.” Read the article, then share your perspective with author, JoAnn Hackos, and others in the Transitional Text forum. Click here to go to the forum.

2nd International CM Forum Conference 2006

November 7–9, Aarhus, Denmark Sponsored by CM Forum

As an appreciation to JoAnn Hackos’s active participation as a speaker, CM Forum offers a 50% discount on the registration fee for CIDM members. Simply REGISTER HERE and indicate that you are a colleague of JoAnn Hackos in the comment field. CM Forum will then make sure you receive the 50% discount.

Comtech Services Releases DITA User Guide

We are accepting orders forIntroduction to DITA: A User Guide to the Darwin Information Typing Architecture. Order your copy today!

Host a Workshop

Organizations that host a workshop in the JoAnn Hackos Workshop Series receive four registrations for the price of one. Find out how to become a host.

Upcoming Workshops

Minimalism: Creating Manuals People Can Use
Bill Hackos
October 17–18
Roseville, MN

DITA: Getting Started
Kylene Bruski
November 14–15
Research Triangle Park , NC

Minimalism: Creating Manuals People Can Use
JoAnn Hackos
November 14–15
Mission Viejo, CA

Structured Writing for Single Sourcing
JoAnn Hackos
December 12–13
Germantown, MD

DITA: Getting Started
Jen Linton
January 10–11
Phoenix, AZ

For more information on these and other workshops, visit the JoAnn Hackos Workshop Series web site.

Upcoming Presentations

Information Development in a Flat World

Presented by JoAnn Hackos during the 33rd Annual CPTSC Conference
October 12–14, 2006
San Francisco, CA

Navigation and/or Search? How to help users get the most out of your technical content

2nd International Content Management Forum Conference
November 7–9, 2006
Aarhus, Denmark

DITA Maps and the Benefits of using them

Presented by Jennifer Linton during the tcworld conference 2006
November 8–9, 2006
Wiesbaden, Germany

Introduction to the DITA Open Toolkit

Presented by Jennifer Linton during the tcworld conference 2006
November 8–9, 2006
Wiesbaden, Germany

Best Practices Conference in San Diego
JoAnn Hackos, PhD
CIDM Director

If you weren’t at the Best Practices conference in San Diego last week, you missed an opportunity to hear from some of the best in the industry. As I listened and watched the speakers, it occurred to me that CIDM members represent a level of sophistication in managing information development that is equal of any other profession. Our directors, VPs, and managers are attuned to corporate strategies and speak the language of senior management. It’s a wonder that more ID managers don’t pursue corporate management opportunities. They’re right up there with the C-level managers (CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and so on).

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More articles

Best Practices for Implementing a CMS for Technical Publications – Part 2
Scott Wahl, Research In Motion, Ltd.

If you have chosen to move forward with a content management system, you need to plan the project as carefully as you would any large documentation project. Here are the general steps to follow:

1. Set up a project team
2. Write a business case and get buy-in
3. Define requirements
4. Define an overall schedule
5. Send out a request for proposals (RFP)
6. Evaluate proposals and select vendors
7. Conduct a pilot project

In Part 2 of 3, “Planning a CMS”, Scott addresses each of these steps in turn.

Read the article

Information-Development Purchasing Guide
Bill Hackos, Comtech Services, Inc.

Recently I was looking through the Consumer Reports 2006 Buying Guide to see what it has to say about buying a snow thrower. The Buyers Guide does not give brand recommendations. Instead it gives tips to help the buyer make a good choice. I noticed that for each item in the Buying Guide, Consumer Reports has three sections to describe how to buy each of the products. “What’s available,” “Features That Count,” and “How to Choose.” Consumer Reports is silent for products that information developers want to buy. In our next eight e-newsletters, CIDM will fill the gap by discussing buying tips for typical services and products that you, as an information developer, might be interested in buying.

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I Column as I CM: XML, CMS, and DITA
Bob Doyle, CEO

In my recent review of XML editors, I looked particularly at their support for DITA, especially integration of the DITA Open Toolkit (OT). The DITA OT is a reference implementation of the OASIS specification for “ready-made metadata” in the DITA DTDs and schemas. Why is the DITA OT important and likely to affect your choice of a CMS in the near future?

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2006 Rare Bird Award Presented at Best Practices in San Diego
Taj Whitesell, Comtech Services

This year, we received many great submissions for our 3rd annual Rare Bird Award. The Rare Bird Award recognizes distinguished contributions to best practices in the management of information development. The award is made to the manager or team who submits their best practice for consideration by the judges prior to the annual CIDM Best Practices Conference. We are pleased to announce this year’s winner and present a brief description of each submission we received.

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