Anne Bovard, Comtech Services, Inc.


Comtech Services, Inc. conducted a poll of Best Practices 2008 Conference attendees in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Willing voters were given the following ballot to complete:


Voter Background Info 1

53% of respondents indicated that they had attended a past Best Practices Conference. 47% of our respondents indicated that BPC 2008 was their first Best Practices Conference.

Voter Background Info 2

100% of returning attendees have maintained contact with someone that they met at a past Best Practices Conference. This goes to show the value of Best Practices as a networking venue.

Referendum A

Good news for Information Architects! 78% of respondents either will hire a dedicated Information Architect or they currently have one on staff. In 2007, 49% of respondents indicated that they currently had an Information Architect on staff. The trend looks good for this new position.

Referendum B

92% of respondents will make content available to other departments. Kudos to those of you with an eye on sharing, whether it is grudgingly or not!

Referendum C

Of the given reuse methods, 90% selected XML automation as the preferred method, 6% selected FrameMaker, and 2% each selected manual cut and paste and ‘We don’t want to.’ In 2007, we asked for people’s primary methods of reuse with the same options. 51% were using automated XML, 25% were using FrameMaker automation, and 24% were using manual cut and paste. Does this mean that there are differences between what people consider ideal and what they are doing today?

Referendum D

Recently, there has been growing debate about technical writers’ status. With a non-exempt status, technical writers would be eligible for overtime wages and meal breaks. The majority of our respondents, mainly a managerial audience, disagreed with Referendum D. 78% of respondents voted ‘no’ on making tech pubs employees non-exempt.

Thank you to all who participated this year! See you in Vancouver, WA!