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Volume 9, Issue 10
October 2009

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CIDM News and Events


The DITA Europe Conference 2009 will be held November 16-17 in Munich, Germany. For more information click here.

The CMS/DITA North America Conference 2010 will be held April 19-21 in Santa Clara, CA. For more information click here.

The Best Practices Conference 2010 will be held September 13-15 in Hampton, VA. For more information click here.

News & Events

Comtech’s XML Series: Transforming XML—Understanding the Mechanisms Used to Conditionally Process and Transform Your Documents

In the third installation of the XML series, you are shown the importance of XML tagging in creating audience specific documentation in a cost effective environment. We will discuss a series of use cases where XML tagging has played an important role in meeting timely deadlines by just having your information structured in XML. Register for this webinar for only $75.

Comtech’s XML Webinar Series: 1 & 2

In the first of two webinars in this XML series, you get a high-level overview of the different pieces that comprise an XML document. In the second of two webinars in this XML series, you are introduced to the transforms and style-sheets necessary to publish XML documents. Listen to both recorded webinars for only $125.

Planning Collaborative Work so that Teams Remain Efficient

This session provides various approaches to effective planning and collaborating to ensure reuse efficiency. The webinar will take place on October 22nd at 11:00am EDT/ 8:00am PDT. Registration is $75.

DCL News

Mark Gross, Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. presented at the Showcase during the 11th Annual Best Practices Conference, September 14–16, 2009, Vancouver, WA.

TruePosition selects IXIASOFT’s DITA CMS solution to manage product documentation

IXIASOFT, the XML content management market leader, is pleased to announce that TruePosition, Inc., a leading provider of wireless location technologies and solutions, has selected its DITA CMS solution to manage their enterprise product documentation.

SDL Marketing Survey

How do you Gather Industry Information?

CIDM Announces New Leadership forInformation Management News

Effective November 2009, Lisa Lambert will take over editor responsibilities for the e-newsletter. Please contact Lisa at with your input and suggestions.

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bestpractices CIDM is calling for contributions to the bimonthly publication, Best Practices. Please contact our Editor, Lisa Larson, for more information.
Pre-conference Book Sale!
Introduction to DITA: A Guide to the Darwin Information Typing Architecture is now 30% off until October 31, 2009. Comtech Services has produced a user guide for the popular OASIS DITA standard. If you have been using DITA or are just joining the DITA community, this book provides you with the information you need to accomplish your goals.
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CMS/DITA NA Call for Speakers
The Center for Information-Development Management and Dr. JoAnn Hackos announce a call for participation in the upcoming CMS/DITA North America conference to take place April 19-21, 2010, in Santa Clara, California. If you are interested in presenting at the conference, please complete the form and submit to Anne Bovard before December 8, 2009.

Why CCM is Not a CMS: Or Why You Shouldn’t Confuse a Whale with a Fish
Howard Schwartz, PhD, SDL XySoft

People are beginning to realize it is a category mistake to call some kinds of systems a “CMS” (Content Management System), when what they really are referring to is a “CCM” (Component Content Management) system. Under certain circumstances, the difference is critically important. By making this category mistake and confusing a “CCM” system with a “CMS”, some organizations are failing to convince their management that they need a specialized system called a CCM. Their management or IT organizations think they already have one, when in fact they do not. Organizations that succeed in adopting a CCM system have argued persuasively to management (if not to their IT organization) that a CCM system is not a CMS. Just as a source control system (which does versioning) is not a CMS and just as a Web Content Management (WCM) system is a specialized type of content management system, so a CCM system is a unique specialized system for the management of another critical enterprise function: namely the management of technical information.

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More articles

October 2009 Best Practices Newsletter
Table of Contents



Automated Translation for Technical Documentation—Can it Deliver on the Promise?

Sophie Hurst, SDL

Measuring Productivity

JoAnn Hackos, CIDM

Improving CMS Archiving Process and Efficiency—Lean Sigma at Hewlett-Packard

Stacey Swart, Hewlett-Packard Company

Indexing Effectively in DITA

Julio Vazquez, SDI Global Solutions

DITA, Metadata Maturity, and the Case for Taxonomy

Paul Wlodarczyk & Stephanie Lemieux, Earley & Associates

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Measuring Productivity
JoAnn Hackos, Comtech Services, Inc.
Reprinted from Best Practices Newsletter, October 2009

At the September 2009 Best Practices conference, Maria Brownstein of Sybase and I spoke about the concerns some managers have raised about productivity. Based on the summer 2009 Productivity Survey conducted by CIDM, we found that while nearly half of all respondents reported increases in productivity with the implementation of DITA and XML-based authoring, nearly the same percentage reported productivity declines.

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CIDM Announces the 6th Annual Rare Bird Winner
Anne Bovard, Comtech Services, Inc.

Congratulations to Volker Oemisch and the Alcatel-Lucent OneDoc team for the highly effective best practice of outstanding efficiency and exemplary corporate leadership.

Read the article.

OneDoc Program—Advancing information development to the next level
Published with permission from Alcatel-Lucent

After the merger of Alcatel and Lucent Technologies in 2006, Alcatel-Lucent seized the opportunity of bringing together two different information development organization models to analyze best practices within and outside the company and to build a global information development community aligned around common best practices.

Read the whitepaper.

CIDM Best Practices Summary
Donna Marcotte, Independent

The eleventh annual CIDM Best Practices conference was held September 14-16 in Vancouver, Washington. While economic woes continue to constrain company training and travel budgets, more than 100 people attended the conference, with a strong regional showing from Washington, Oregon, northern California, and southwest Canada. Tech pubs professionals from around the country and around the world, from as far away as Germany, India, and Australia also attended.

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