Anne Bovard, Comtech Services, Inc.

Congratulations to Volker Oemisch and the Alcatel-Lucent OneDoc team for the highly effective best practice of outstanding efficiency and exemplary corporate leadership.

When Alcatel and Lucent merged in 2006, documentation was created by two different organizations with two very different models of information design and development. Driven by the need for one overarching strategy, OneDoc was born. Alcatel-Lucent’s OneDoc program defines common processes, standards, tools in one community of information development. OneDoc also relies on regular analysis and planning workshops, monthly information development community meetings to involve all developers globally, regular communication with leadership, and annual “summit” meetings of the global documentation development management.

This year’s panel of judges had the following praise for the Alcatel-Lucent OneDoc team entry:

“Textbook case of identifying and implementing best practices in a merger environment. Many companies give this lip‐service. Alcatel‐Lucent achieved real return that benefitted customers, cut costs, and resulted in an empowered team.”

“The scale and timeline are impressive. The political savvy and leadership to accomplish this task through influencing independent units is quite an accomplishment.”

“The cost reduction over two years is certainly an impressive measure of efficiency, as is the move to single portal delivery and the expectation of improved customer satisfaction.”

To learn more about Alcatel-Lucent’s OneDoc program, please see the short description white paper in this issue.

JoAnn Hackos, Director of the Center for Information-Development Management, presented the 6th Annual Rare Bird Award to Volker Oemisch at the Best Practices Rare Bird Award Ceremony last month in Vancouver, WA. The Alcatel-Lucent team joins the distinguished ranks of CIDM’s previous Rare Bird Award winners:

The 2008 award was given to Virginie Ahrens on behalf of two ILOG S.A. teams working collaboratively to develop the ILOG OneContent Platform. Citing a tremendous reuse and localization savings, the teams continue to refine and enhance their single-sourcing strategy.

The 2007 award was given to Charles Dowdell on behalf of The Raymond Corporation. The Raymond Corp. publications department developed a new information product and development process that greatly reduces publishing costs and improves usability. Charles’ group began offering, as an alternative to paper, a high quality PDA or laptop/desktop suite of information to cover their products.

The 2006 award was given to Eileen Jones and Dave Peterson on behalf of IBM. They created a collaborative global environment at IBM. Working with 10 different companies inside IBM, they brought people together and built a virtual community through a rigorous program of communications.

The 2005 award was given to Charlotte Robidoux, Patrick Waychoff, and Bobbi Gibson on behalf of the Hewlett-Packard DocKeeper Process Efficiency team.

The 2004 award was given to Janet Williams-Hepler on behalf of her team at Microsoft, which is responsible for the user assistance for the Office applications.