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Content Strategy—The ins and outs - Grover, Eeshita - Cisco Systems, Inc. - September 2018

Your company is ready to launch their newest product, their latest offering. Customers and users are waiting in anticipation.

The Many Hats of the Technical Communicator - Madison, Kathy - Comtech Services - September 2018

Addressing the many skills required today to meet the information demands of our customers, while maintaining head count, budgets, and writer limitations can be a difficult balancing act.

Unifying Distributed Writing Teams - Showers, Kathryn - PlayStation - February 2018

As a new manager of a technical documentation team, one of the first things I attempted to do was locate a corporate style guide.

The Vocabulary of GitHub for Documentation - Gentle, Anne - Docs|Code - February 2018

What if you could use GitHub, static site generators, and Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) for our documentation?

2017 Inspire Awards - Stevens, Brianna - Comtech Services - October 2017

New to the Best Practices conference this year was the Inspire Award

2017 Best Practices Conference, Energy is a Choice! - Madison, Kathy - Comtech Services - October 2017

This year's Best Practices conference provided us many opportunities to fine-tune our management skills via several interactive sessions.

How to do Linguistic sign-off with DITA - Trouche, Dominique - WhP - October 2017

When your company adopts DITA to author and manage content, you expect text reuse to lower localization costs and shorten time to market.

A Recipe for Consistent Customer Experience - Garg, Juhee - Adobe - October 2017

Technical documentation is a critical part of an end-user’s digital experience, both post- and pre-purchase

How to Implement Usability Findings - Caldwell, Jess - Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. - August 2017

How do you get the data in your spreadsheet to translate into improvements in the user interface?

But before implementing a content management strategy, SAE needed to convert this content into a form where it could easily be published in multiple formats

Whose Line Is it Anyway? - Stevens, Dawn - Comtech Services, Inc. - August 2017

What is life, after all, but scene after scene of unscripted situations that we must react and adapt to?

Running your organization’s information system is just (well almost) like running a whole railroad system.

7 Core Characteristics of Virtual Teams in 2017 - Brewer, Pam - Mercer University - July 2017

Core characteristics of virtual teaming, based on research and experience, may be more important than helpful tips.

2017 Publishing Trends - Stevens, Dawn - Comtech Services, Inc. - July 2017

This article summarizes the 2017 annual publishing trends survey results, and looks at how responses have changed over the years the survey has been conducted.

Striking a Balance: Simplicity vs. Richness in XML Architecture - Cuellar, Autumn - Quark Inc. - June 2017

Our devices are getting smarter, and developers are finding interesting ways to improve the effectiveness of applications that make our lives easier.

One of the biggest obstacles to DITA adoption is its perceived complexity.

It’s a Social Game - Stevens, Dawn - Comtech Services, Inc. - June 2017

Social media lets me be social without actually being social, and in an industry that has traditionally been filled with introvers, it may meet a critical need in today's marketplace

It’s a Great Time to be an Information Developer - Stevens, Dawn - Comtech Services, Inc. - May 2017

As information developers, we are a part of the total user experience; in fact, we are a critical part as we are the touchpoint when users are frustrated with the rest of their user experience.

Case Study—Data Conversion Laboratory/Cybex Giving Content Conversion a Cardio Boost - Trombley, Brian - Data Conversion Laboratory - May 2017

Combining automation and experienced project teams, DCL sets the industry standard in converting complex content, capturing text from virtually any medium and transforming it so that it can be easily searched and shared through modern publishing formats.

Terminology Management in a DITA Environment - Eike, Stefan - DAKOSY AG - May 2017

Terminology management means “to control the words that are used in written or spoken language”.

Continuing the Unified Customer Experience Journey - Orofino, Jill - Dell EMC - April 2017

Read on about the challenges of pursuing a unified customer experience during times of change

The Ultimate Guide to User-Friendly Manuals - Vermeulen, Ferry - Instrktiv - April 2017

User-friendliness in technical documentation is becoming more and more important.

Let It Go - Stevens, Dawn - Comtech Services, Inc. - April 2017

a reflection on the career path for an information development manager and the necessary mindset we must have in taking on new responsibilities both personally and for the whole department.

Another Look at Writer-to-Developer Staffing Ratios - Stevens, Dawn - Comtech Services, Inc. - March 2017

It appears to be an age-old question: what is the ideal ratio of writing resources to product developers?

The Ultimate Guide to User-Friendly Manuals - Vermeulen, Ferry - Instrktiv - March 2017

User-friendliness in technical documentation is becoming more and more important.

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