Information Management News
Volume 5, Issue 9
September 2005

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The CIDM sponsors the following workshops:

DITA: Getting Started
JoAnn Hackos, PhD,
September 5
Sydney, Australia

Managing Your Documentation Projects
Bill Hackos, PhD,
September 20–21
Cary, NC

User and Task Analysis for Information Design
Bill Hackos, PhD,
October 18–19
Ottawa, Ontario

XML for Writers
Jen Linton
October 18–19
Denver, CO

DITA: Getting Started
JoAnn Hackos, PhD,
and Jen Linton
December 6–7
Columbus, OH

Managing Your Documentation Projects
Bill Hackos, PhD,
December 6–7
Princeton, NJ

Structured Writing for Single Sourcing
JoAnn Hackos, PhD,
January 25–26, 2006
Austin, TX

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Best Practices 2005
September 26, 27, and 28, 2005
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DITA Europe™ Conference
November 3, 2005
Frankfurt, Germany

Content Management Strategies 2006
April 3, 4, and 5, 2006
San Francisco, California

Quality Management—Establishing a Link to the Customer
JoAnn Hackos, PhD
CIDM Director

Most of the key characteristics in the IPMM focus on issues of process management: planning projects, estimating and tracking effectively, ensuring quality, and managing costs. However, two of the characteristics allow us to examine the effectiveness of an organization in serving the needs of customers: information design and quality management. In the August newsletter, I discussed how information design enables organizations to adopt innovative ideas about delivering key information to customers.

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Staffing Within a Centralized Model—Gail Angel
Change Your Routine!—Palmer Pearson
Making the Small Wins Count—Deborah Shapiro

Staffing Within a Centralized Model
Gail Angel
Cognos, Inc.

Is your organization centralized or decentralized? If you follow a centralized model (or one that is largely centralized), there are different considerations you can use when making staffing decisions for a medium-to-large project.

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Change Your Routine!
Palmer Pearson
Cadence Design Systems

Research. Write. Rewrite. Publish. Go home. Repeat.

Such is a day in the life of many veteran writers. The monotony of repetitive tasks can take its toll on anyone in any profession.

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Making the Small Wins Count
Deborah Shapiro
Biosense Webster (Israel) Ltd.

I am the lone writer for a medical device company. My job title, “Technical Communications Specialist,” is a reflection of the many different tasks I handle—almost everything that communicates and goes outside of our offices is run through me. Our company is a research and development center (based in Israel) for an international company. As a result, the high-tech, innovation-centered, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual atmosphere in our organization provides numerous challenges.

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