Anne Bovard, Comtech Services, Inc.

Thanks to all of our 2010 Rare Bird submitters. Our community members continue to strive towards improving process and efficiency with outstanding innovations and leadership. Here is a brief description of the entries.

Entry 1: The Hybrid Resource Model

Submitted by Michael Eleder, Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel-Lucent submitted their staffing methodology, the Hybrid Resource Model (HRM). HRM groups writers of various expertise level and geographic locale into collaborative work units. HRM has led to cost savings in development, reduced attrition, near-perfect deadline completion, and increases in quality.

Entry 2: Metadata-driven customized installation and configuration information

Submitted by Carolyn Inkster, IBM

By developing a robust metadata strategy, IBM was able to leverage a single set of source files for a series of 18 Install and Upgrade guides. Increasing their productivity in authoring and maintenance, IBM reports that the customer’s productivity and satisfaction has also increased as a result of the new documentation method.

Entry 3: DITA Topic Reviews

Submitted by Catherine Lyman, NetApp

NetApp has instituted an innovative process for topic reviews to ensure quality, user-centric development, and reuse potential. By requiring that staff participate in both author and reviewer roles across product and geographic locales, NetApp is improving the quality and consistency of its documentation.

Entry 4: With Everything in One Place

Submitted by Cynthia Chin-Lee, Oracle

Employing a task-based approach, the Oracle information development team has begun to work collaboratively in a topic-based architecture. Now sharing topics, the team has also implemented a strategy for cross-book linking in a homegrown application, Link Manager.

Entry 5: Greenlining Program

Submitted by Carl Albers, Cisco

Cisco’s Greenlining Program is a corporate-wide initiative to improve product sustainability and reduce costs. Driven by cross-functional team proposals and innovation, Cisco has implemented a series of innovations ranging from delivery methods to product simplification and packaging adjustments. The monetary savings realized by the Greenlining Program have been truly impressive.

Entry 6: Web DM (Design Manual) for Semiconductor Industry

Submitted by Eiji Hayashiguchi & Alexander Martin, IBM

The web design manual project at IBM has automated many steps in its content management and production lifecycle, resulting in significant savings. The IBM Microelectronics division has standardized the point where content is entered and employs a database back end to facilitate search, navigation, and change tracking.

2010 Judging is underway

Our judges are currently reviewing the submissions to determine the 2010 Rare Bird Award Winner. Director JoAnn Hackos will announce the winner at the Best Practices Conference in September. Please join us at the Tuesday evening Awards Banquet to honor this year’s recipient.