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Practical Tips for a Successful Content Transformation - Lindsay Baer - IBM Corporation - June 2021 - Article

A look at how IBM started their content transformation and what they learned through research, implementation, and iteration helped them develop a general framework of questions that can be applied to future transformations.

Content is a Business Asset - Berry Braster - Etteplan - June 2021 - Webinar

This presentation will discuss the key role content plays in the field of digitalization, and what you should do to future proof your content while elevating your customer experience.

CIDM Sponsor Profile – RWS - Shruti Deshpande - SDL (Now part of RWS) - June 2021 - Article

RWS provides background on the SDL acquisition and the foundation for digital transformations. They also showcase the Tridion platform.

New Ways of Publishing with DITA - Thomas Werzmirzowsky - Xpublisher - June 2021 - Webinar

In this webinar, Thomas Werzmirzowsky will present new ways of DITA integration with Xpublisher. Xpublisher offers the best possible data quality with XML-based data management and is a pioneer for the challenges of the future by presenting new solutions: the simple creation, management, and publication with DITA.

Delivering a Personalized Search Experience - Fabrice Lacroix - Fluid Topics - April 2021 - Webinar

Benefits of Utilizing Agile SAFe for Managing a CCMS Upgrade - Chip Gettinger, Noreen McMahan, and Maria Yenerich - RWS and NXP Semiconductor - June 2021 - Webinar

During this webinar, Noreen and Maria will discuss how the business and IT benefited by utilizing SAFe methodologies to document CCMS configurations, develop and execute test cases for upgrade testing, managed communications with RWS and third-party vendors, communicated benefits to the business users, and moved all users into an upgraded production system with minimal interruptions.

Rationalization, not a Revelation, in Content Creation - Sairam Venugopalan - Qualcomm - May 2021 - Article

A look at "Rationalization" as the process of examining content that applies to multiple entities or objects, updating it and improving it to work for all the identified entities, and presenting it as a consolidated, single topic.

Team Alignment in Content Development - Debbie Benoit - Workday - May 2021 - Article

An overview of Workday's writer and developer collaboration tools that makes it easier for customers to consume product information following feature updates.

In this session, we will focus on the missing link in a successful microcontent strategy: an intent-based writing methodology. We will highlight some key concepts that will help you to start looking at your content through an omnichannel lens.

Plain language – Benefits Everyone - Debra Bissantz and Brenda Inman - GlobalLink and Ethicon - April 2021 - Webinar

Brenda and Deb will explore examples of overly verbose information that can be written using plain language to more clearly convey the information.

IA Design and Agile Development: Mission (Im)possible! - Amber Swope - DITA Strategies, Inc. - May 2021 - Article

This article provides methods for Information Architects to plan their work using stories and leveraging product backlogs. The strategy is to create an IA Sprint Plan that is realistic, manageable, and adaptive.

How much? Shifting the Content Conversation from Cost to Value - Geraldine Boulez - Fluid Topics - April 2021 - Webinar

In this webinar, we will give you a clear picture of the cost savings and gains a content delivery platform such as Fluid Topics can generate across three areas: customer and partner service, employee productivity, and client satisfaction.

When Do We Visualize Content? - Rekha Raman - ServiceNow - April 2021 - Article

Insights on how incorporating multimedia into documentation enhance the usability of the documentation.

CIDM Sponsor Profile – Adobe Technical Communications - Anuradha Shukla - Adobe - April 2021 - Article

Adobe Technical Communications describes the components of their Communications Suite, including, Experience Manager, FrameMaker, FrameMaker Publishing Server, RoboHelp, and RoboHelp Server.

Content Quality Champions: Single Source Authoring & Simplified Technical English - Dushko Radevski and Berry Braster - Jorsek and Etteplan - March 2021 - Webinar

In this webinar, learn how the combination of easyDITA's CCMS and HyperSTE allows you to check your content against your specific style guide, as well as industry standard grammar and terminology rules.

Are We Having Fun Yet? - Kathy Madison - Comtech Services - April 2021 - Article

how do we know if our team members are satisfied with their job and what are we doing to keep them motivated and engaged? Several CIDM members discussed this topic in a recent manager roundtable, and here are some of the best practices shared during the session.

Expert’s Guide to CCMS Assessment - Divraj Singh and Bernard Aschwanden - Adobe and Publishing Smarter - March 20212 - Webinar

Join Divraj Singh, Sr. Solutions Consultant at Adobe, in a conversation with Bernard Aschwanden, CEO at Publishing Smarter, whose organization has done multiple CCMS migrations, to understand the following parameters which will make a CCMS evaluation process easy. They will be leveraging Adobe’s CCMS solution –XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager, to showcase some of these workflows; unstructured, XML, DITA, HTML, web vs offline, metadata support, advanced search, versioning, DAM capabilities, and review, translation, task management, content ingestion.

Web-based XML editing with Xeditor - Matthias Kraus - Xpublisher - March 2021 - Webinar

Controlled Vocabulary, Taxonomy, Ontology: Which do I need? – PART 2 - Dawn Stevens and Rik Page - Comtech Services, Inc. and Bluestream - April 2021 - Webinar

Participants will see practical, real-life applications of the taxonomical concepts previously presented.

ConVEx has Something for Everyone! - Kathy Madison - Comtech Services - March 2021 - Article

Kathy provides a quick overview of ConVEx 2021

A Publishing Adventure: From Markdown to DITA and back - Vishal George Palliyathu, Manju Joseph, and Bijo Jessy Francis - Cisco - March 2021 - Article

A look at the DITA versus Markdown and how one organization integrates content written in both standards by converting Markdown to DITA and back.

Controlled Vocabulary, Taxonomy, Ontology: Which do I need? – PART 1 - Dawn Stevens and Rik Page - Comtech Services, Inc. and Bluestream - March 2021 - Webinar

Participants will gain clarity about the approach required to make content more accessible for their users.

Confronting Unacceptable Behavior - Bonnie Fontaine - Independent - March 2021 - Article

Bonnie recaps the "Confronting Unacceptable Behavior" session from the 2020 Best Practices virtual conference. She provides insights on having crucial conversations, watching for warning signs, documenting the negative impact, managing your emotions, and managing other peoples emotions.

Gaining Respect for You and Your Team - Dana Aubin - Comtech Services - March 2021 - Article

Dana recaps the "Gaining Respect" session from the 2020 Best Practices virtual conference. She provides insights on modifying agile practices to increase the trust people have in your team, building alliances, persuading logically, and maximizing your effectiveness in virtual meetings.

Writing and Editing for DITA - Jean Tennile - NextGen Healthcare, Inc. - March 2021 - Article

In 2018, the User Assistance Department at NextGen Healthcare, Inc. committed to applying DITA to bring consistency, efficiency, and potential reuse to the content we create for our customers. Bringing many content developers to the same “new” way of writing required a lot of planning and training.

Content Quality Survey - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - March 2021 - Article

Comtech recaps the 2020 CIDM Member Survey on best practices in content quality. Discussed is the "definition of quality", use of editors, quality standards, enforcement of quality standards, training of quality standards, types and frequency of reviews, team and individual quality KPIs, and the influences on quality.

Looking Beyond Agile: Structured Content Development and the Iterative and Incremental Development Methodology - Keith Schengili-Roberts - Precision Content Authoring Solutions - March 2021 - Webinar

Precision Content’s Keith Schengili-Roberts will talk about the current state of Agile and structured content, and also give an introduction to the Iterative and Incremental Development (IID) methodology, a recent Agile offshoot that works well for technical writing teams. If you are wondering about what the impacts are of working with Agile or are simply looking to optimize your DITA-based documentation processes, this presentation is for you!

Why I Opt-in - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - March 2021 - Article

Opting-in to receiving industry-related emails allows you to stay current in your career and serves provides many benefits you may not have considered. Learn what purposes opting-in serves.

Holding a Global Summit During a Pandemic - Christina Brunk - Extreme Networks - March 2021 - Article

If there’s one thing that a global pandemic has taught us, it’s that we need to get creative to overcome the monotony of remote work. While almost nothing is in-person, there are still opportunities to connect with others through virtual meeting platforms and have positive results. Read about how I managed to hold a successful, multi-day, global meeting with my Information Development team from 6 times zones, 4 countries, and 6 states. And I even got feedback that people enjoyed it.

Are we living in a post-DITA world? - Christopher Gales - Splunk - September 2020 - Article

A recap of conversations with department managers from across the software industry about the increasing prevalence of projects using Markdown and Github to develop and deliver customer-facing documentation.

Comtech Welcomes Dana Aubin to the Team - Dawn Stevens - February 2021 - Article

Get to know the background of Comtech's newest consultant, Dana Aubin

Why Users Don’t Read my Document? - Shubham Singha - Fiserv - February 2021 - Article

Thinking the customer's thinking. Things I learned in my 8 years of technical writing experience.

Let’s build the Technical Content Industry 4.0 - Anu Singh - Fiserv - February 2021 - Article

What does a Technica Content 4.0 look like today? What does it mean to provide an overall experience as a One-Stop solution?

Integrating Portals to Improve Customer Experience - Dana Aubin - January 2021 - Article

Implementing a new product documentation portal at the same time as a new customer portal provided a unique opportunity to integrate the portals to improve customer experience.

Confluence Review Process - Arun Chandran - January 2021 - Article

Every document written is reviewed to ensure it represents accurate information. The review and approval process can make a document or break a document. To get the best possible result, every stakeholder should efficiently and clearly provide their feedback.

Microsoft Teams: Bringing us together - Zara Reyes - Waters Corporation - January 2021 - Article

A look at how Microsoft Teams has contributed to a sense of togetherness amidst this pandemic.

2020: The year things changed - Sabine Ocker - Comtech Services - January 2021 - Article

A reflection on impactful work-place changes in 2020, and thoughts on what the new year has in store.

UX Principles for Content Creation - Philomena Dolla and Punam Saxena - VMware - December 2020 - Article

A look into how to enhance the Information Experience by using principles from UX design.

The Cloud: What It Means for Content Ops - Sarah Leritz-Higgins - Siemens Industry Software - December 2020 - Article

The cloud” is a dominant force in computing these days, and its presence will only proliferate as computing technologies continue to evolve. Just what is the cloud, and how does it affect what we do in the information development industry?

Process Maturity: A recipe for navigating difficult times - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - December 2020 - article

The Comtech Information-Development Process Maturity Model (IPMM), originally created back in 1994 with 8 attributes, has grown to eleven. How prepared are you to face the future of information-development? Take some time to compare your organization to the traits of a mature organization in each area of the IPMM.