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The Outside-In approach to information development and CX - Theodore Wolff - Danfoss - October 2019 - Article

Tips on how to have an outside-in perspective for understanding your organization's customer experience.

Proven Strategy for cCMS Implementation Success and Value - Vi Kellersohn - Oberon Technologies - October 2019 - Webinar

Whether you are looking to adopt cCMS for the first time or you’ve been using one for years, there are ways to ensure your system is optimized for success. View this webinar and find out what your plan should include.

10 Ways DITA Can Help Drive a Unified Content Strategy - Bernard Aschwanden - Publishing Smarter - October 2019 - Webinar

In this webinar, Bernard Aschwanden, will take you through 10 ways in which DITA can help drive unified content strategy.

Writing Effective User Stories for Technical Communicators - Mary Dickens - Cengage - October 2019 - Article

A look at how Tech-Comm users stories differ from developer user stories.

How Did the Best Practices Conference Measure Up? - Kathy Madison - Comtech Services - October 2019 - Article

Recap of the 2019 Best Practices Conference about metrics, including keynote and presentation highlights, and attendee feedback and take-aways.

Bringing Order to Chaos - Gary WHite & Gabrielle Scott - NantHealth, LLC - September 2019 - Article

Guidelines for getting started with implementing Schematron rules and DTD constraints and how to choose the right tool for the right job in your implementation.

The Sorting Hat - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - September 2019 - Article

Inspired by the Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter books, Dawn explains how we as technical communicators must create user personas and use them as a guide for the content we include, the tone and style we take, the delivery mechanisms we employ, and even the way we define quality.

Combining Teams, Tools, and Workflows after a Corporate Merger - Larry Kunz - Extreme Networks - September 2019 - Article

Extreme Networks shares how after a corporate merger they consolidated their people, tools, and workflows, while retaining the best practices from all three teams and helping writers produce content with as little disruption as possible.

View this webinar to see how an integrated solution can help you: move from publishing static PDFs, leverage next-generation capabilities, and still be able to publish to other popular formats.

You Own Nothing: Content as Community Property - Marcia Garnett - Poly (Formerly Polycom and Plantronics) - September 2019 - Article

To achieve reuse success, Polycom outlines how they let go of the concept of book ownership and moved toward collaborative writing teams.

Metadata Strategy: Making it Easy for Everyone to Find Your Content - Todd Burdin - Oberon Technologies - September 2019 - Webinar

Learn how a metadata strategy adopted by all the content creators can make it easier for everyone inside and outside your organization to find the information they need.

Going Fishing for Writers: Technical writer job descriptions - Sabine Ocker - Comtech Services - September 2019 - Article

A look at what should be included in a technical writing job description, whether writers or engineers should be hired, and what hiring challenges CIDM members are facing today.

Tips for Women to Thrive and Succeed in a STEM Environment - Emily Luijbregts - Siemens DIS - September 2019 - Article

Four women technical communicators discuss their experiences working in male-dominated science, technology, engineering and mathematics oriented companies.

Not Getting Chopped: Measuring Mystery Ingredients for Success - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - June 2019 - Article

Inspired by the TV show Chopped, this is a look at the role of a technical communicator as a chef. Whether you are assembling a Michelin-star winning dish or assembling a technical manual, you cannot even begin to think about the presentation of the end product until you first start with an understanding of your source materials — your ingredients.

Editing Modular Documentation: Some Best Practices - Yoel Strimling, CEVA and Michelle Corbin, IBM - December 2018 - Article

How to edit modular content, and what the editor’s role should be. This modularized content requires a different mindset from traditional editing.

Using a Communications Framework to Support Change - Stacey Meggs - Hewlett-Packard Enterprise - December 2018 - Article

Best practices for successfully establishing and using a communications framework when implementing DITA.

Adapting Repair Procedures to Augmented Reality Experiences - Patty Lutsky - PTC - September 2019 - Article

How do you repurpose existing textual repair procedures into an augmented-reality format? What structural and style-related changes to your XML can improve the reusability of content for augmented reality experiences?

UX Trends: 5 Predictions that Users will Love - Rilind Elezaj - Day Translations - September 2019 - Article

User Experience is a pretty huge deal in design. This is why predicting and anticipating what we can expect is not only popular but also quite smart. Here are 5 predictions of what users will love in UX in 2019, based on existing patterns and market data.

Sort it out! The Lego Approach to Classifying Content - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - August 2019 - Webinar

In this webinar, Dawn draws parallels between sorting LEGOs and sorting technical content, and provides suggestions for going deeper when the Lego model falls short.

iiRDS: A Standard for Intelligent Content - Ulrike Parson - parson AG - August 2019 - Article

An overview of iiRDS, a Standard for Intelligent Content which was initially developed by a working group of the German Association for Technical Communication tekom.

What makes a top-notch organization? - Sabine Ocker - Comtech Services - August 2019 - Article

A recap of the CIDM Managers Round Table discussion about what makes a top-notch organization including a list of several critical measurements for evaluating your organization.

DITA Pain Points: Collaborative Review - Chad Dybdahl - Adobe - August 2019 - Webinar

In this webinar Chad Dybdahl, Adobe Solutions Consultant, will walk you through a highly collaborative workflow experience that allows you to: easily collect feedback from many stakeholders simultaneously, in real-time, quickly import changes from reviewers back into your DITA source content, and more.

How do we know our content is effective? - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - July 2019 - Article

CIDM Monthly Roundtable recap. Best practices in collecting user feedback and determining the efficacy of web-based documentation.

Upcoming Best Practices Conference: Measuring Success - - Comtech Services - July 2019 - Article

Reasons why to attend the 2019 Best Practices conference, which theme is about metrics.

Find out how you can make your content ‘future ready’ by following some intelligent techniques.

Choose Your Own Adventure - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - July 2019 - Article

Bantam Book’s Choose Your Own Adventure series becomes the inspiration for why you should attend the 2019 Summer IDEAS conference where the theme is the Many Hats of the Technical Communicator.

Taking DITA to the Masses - Rik Page and Doug Gorman - Bluestream and Simply XML - June 2019 - Webinar

During this webinar Bluestream and Simply XML show how the extensible XDocs CCMS can be integrated with clear browser and desktop authoring environments to allow subject matter experts to create and collaborate on content without ever having to see a tag.

User Stories - Sabine Ocker - Comtech Services - June 2019 - Article

CIDM's Monthly Managers Roundtable recap. Tips on how User Stories can assist the technical documentation process.

A better PDF plugin: Using the topic2fo.xsl file instead of custom.xsl - Leigh White - IXIASOFT - June 2019 - Article

Leigh, with Bob Thomas' permission, explains his method for managing complexity in DITA-OT PDF plugins and its advantages.

An approach to ensure we’re writing our docs with our customers in mind, even as we struggle to keep up with internal pressure and process.

The Semantic Poverty of Content - Michael Iantosca - IBM - June 2019 - Article

A look at machine learning, artificial intelligence, conversational bots, and semantic intelligence as it relates to DITA and technical content.

Delivering Crucial Content Specific to the Service Task - Stephanie Castillo - Oberon Technologies - June 2019 - Webinar

After viewing this webinar, you will understand what service information delivery is, why service information delivery is critical in today’s business environment, and how this can impact the overall service business and bottom line.

McAfee’s Journey to Personalized Content Delivery - Dee Beck - McAfee - June 2019 - Article

An overview of the steps McAfee took to get their customer-facing documentation portal, which hosts multiple versions of 60 products translated in up to 20 languages, up and running.

A Look at Lightweight DITA - Alan Houser - Group Wellesley - June 2019 - Article

Insights as to how and why the OASIS DITA Technical Committee has been developing a new form of DITA—named Lightweight DITA.

Preparing for the Evolution of Online Content Delivery - Vi Kellersohn - Oberon Technologies - May 2019 - Webinar

Find out how many organizations are taking steps to delivering better information today and prepare their organization to more easily evolve with technology advances and consumer demands.

Is Your Team Considering Git? Get a Branching Method - Daniel Reifsnider - Sony Interactive Entertainment / Playstation - May 2019 - Article

This article seeks to provide a short explanation of the benefits of having a branching methodology.

The End of the Technical Writer? - Keith Schengili-Roberts - IXIASOFT - May 2019 - Article

Compared to the peak in October 2015, there are now, in April 2019, over a thousand fewer technical writer job postings. The question is: why? More than one factor at play here; part of the explanation for this declining trend is that “technical writer” as a job title is being replaced by other, more pertinent labels. What are they?

Superheroes invaded CMS/DITA North America - Kathy Madison - Comtech Services - May 2019 - Article

Recap of the 2019 Content Management Strategies / DITA North America Conference in Durham, North Carolina

Following the Trends: 2019 - Dawn Stevens and Mark Gross - Comtech Services and Data Conversion Laboratory - April 2019 - Webinar

During the webinar we walk through the results of the 2019 Trends Survey, a study we have been conducting since 2012. We trace the changes in how we think about developing and delivering content.

The Role of the Information Architect in Technical Publications - Sabine Ocker - Comtech Services - April 2019 - Article

CIDM Monthly Manager Roundtable Recap. Members discuss how the role of the information architect has evolved from 2006 to today.