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Whether it’s your first CCMS or you’ve been around this block before, implementing a new system can be challenging.

Counting Dragons: Quantifying Obstacles to Content Reuse - Doherty, Stanley - Oracle Corporation 2018

DITA is brilliant in its technical design for supporting content reuse. That said, our ability to achieve significant content reuse faces some real challenges.

Branded! - Stevens, Dawn - Comtech Services - October 2018

If I simply say the words, CocaCola, BMW, Rolex, Chanel, or Disney, certain thoughts immediately spring into your mind. Images of a logo or a product, certainly, and maybe a jingle or a slogan, but these words likely also trigger emotions, memories, and even value judgments.

You are Here: Mapping Technical Communication Trends Against Best Practices - Stevens, Dawn - Comtech Services - October 2018

Over 20 years ago, Dr. JoAnn Hackos developed the information process maturity model, designed to evaluate the overall health of a content organization.

Content Strategy—The ins and outs - Grover, Eeshita - Cisco Systems, Inc. - September 2018

Your company is ready to launch their newest product, their latest offering. Customers and users are waiting in anticipation.

The Many Hats of the Technical Communicator - Madison, Kathy - Comtech Services - September 2018

Addressing the many skills required today to meet the information demands of our customers, while maintaining head count, budgets, and writer limitations can be a difficult balancing act.

Industry Perspectives on Academic Research in Technical Communication - Andersen, Rebekka - University of California, Davis - August 2018

The goal of research in each case is to contribute new knowledge that advances the field in some way.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Chandel, Ranvijay - IBM India Pvt. Ltd. - August 2018

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query. SEO thus helps you get traffic from search engines.

Aside from the amusing turns of parallel structure and the interplay of the words “good” and “bad”, this scene perfectly demonstrates the idea of a necessary evil: something unpleasant that must be accepted to achieve a desired result.

2018 Publishing Trends - Stevens, Dawn - Comtech Services - August 2018

This article summarizes the 2018 survey results and looks at how responses have changed over the years the survey has been conducted.

Machine learning (ML) is changing the way we tackle business problems and supercharging industries that successfully apply these techniques to improve the depth, breadth, and quality of their products.

Technical product content is typically written to provide customers with information and knowledge to learn, troubleshoot, or use a company’s product or service.

Preparing Authors and Content for a Move to DITA - Meggs, Stacey - Hewlett Packard Enterprise - June 2018

Secrets of Success - Stevens, Dawn - Comtech, Inc. - June 2018

Many articles, presentations, blogs, and even memes are dedicated to defining success. Merriam Webster defines success as a “favorable or desired outcome; also, the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence.”

Funding Models: Creative Approaches to Resourcing - Roemer, Deb - Sigma Technology - June 2018

According to a survey in March 2018 called Following the Trends by DCL and Comtech Services, 71% of 313 respondents said that insufficient staff time is the top barrier for adopting a new content strategy.

Getting to Yes, And: The Art of Business Improv— Book Review - Apodaca, Anthony - Xeditor - April 2018

Anyone who attended last year’s CIDM Best Practices conference in Burlington, VT, also had the privilege of spending a little time with Bob Kulhan—founder and CEO of Business Improv.

Pursuing Strategies and Delegating Tactics - Leritz-Higgins, Sarah - Mentor Graphics Corporation - April 2018

Mean Bean—Semantic Metadata with iiRDS and Caffeine - Schubert, Mark - parson AG - April 2018

Machines are getting smarter. And one technology driving that change is the semantic web.

Learn As if You Want to Live Forever - Stevens, Dawn - Comtech Services - April 2018

No matter how much experience we have, how many degrees we’ve earned, how many conferences we’ve attended, or how well known we’ve become, there’s always something new to learn, and certainly our experiences can help enlighten others in their journeys.

6 Tips for Repairing Critical Cross-Functional Misalignments - Eisenbraun, Heather - National Instruments - April 2018

Technical communicators aspire to deliver their own symphony of valuable, healthy, consistent content that delights our customers.

Interactive Graphics—Simple and Special(ized) - Keimel, Olivier - SAP SE - February 2018

As the saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words - In user assistance materials, images are great for conveying complex information.

DITA Metrics as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) - Schengili-Roberts, Keith - IXIASOFT - February 2018

The ability to derive useful metrics from DITA- based content is one of the many reasons why organizations choose to create their technical content using this standard.

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of ings are changing technical documentation - the classic concept of a manual for technical information is no longer viable.

The Choices We Make - Stevens, Dawn - Comtech Services, Inc. - February 2018

Researchers continue to explore the e ects of a positive attitude on health and have found links to increased life spans, lower rates of depression, and even greater resistance to the common cold.

How Content Teams Can Become Machine Learning-Ready - Bellamy, Laura - VMware - February 2018

Machine learning (ML) is the new buzzword for conference presentations, product enhancements, and innovation projects.

Unifying Distributed Writing Teams - Showers, Kathryn - PlayStation - February 2018

As a new manager of a technical documentation team, one of the first things I attempted to do was locate a corporate style guide.

The Vocabulary of GitHub for Documentation - Gentle, Anne - Docs|Code - February 2018

What if you could use GitHub, static site generators, and Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) for our documentation?

Evaluating Content Management Systems for Technical Documentation - Meggs, Stacey - Hewlett Packard Enterprise - December 2017

This article describes the best practices for a CMS evaluation project.

There’s a common misconception that only professional video production companies can create effective videos.

How Technical Communicators Can Contribute to Search Engine Optimization - Raulf, Chris - Boulder SEO Marketing - December 2017

By developing good content and then applying SEO best practices, you can increase your visibility in search engine results pages.

Do as I Say…Not as I Do - Stevens, Dawn - Comtech Services - December 2017

How do we as technical writers decide what to cut from our documentation when working toward a minimalism approach?

Given that users create search queries using the words that are most important to them, why do users often complain about search results when they use enterprise search engines to find content?

You Get What You Measure - Stevens, Dawn - Comtech Services - October 2017

2017 Inspire Awards - Stevens, Brianna - Comtech Services - October 2017

New to the Best Practices conference this year was the Inspire Award