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Controlled Vocabulary, Taxonomy, Ontology: Which do I need? - Dawn Stevens and Rik Page - Comtech Services, Inc. and Bluestream - March 2021 - Webinar

Participants will gain clarity about the approach required to make content more accessible for their users.

Why I Opt-in - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - March 2021 - Article

Opting-in to receiving industry-related emails allows you to stay current in your career and serves provides many benefits you may not have considered. Learn what purposes opting-in serves.

Holding a Global Summit During a Pandemic - Christina Brunk - Extreme Networks - March 2021 - Article

If there’s one thing that a global pandemic has taught us, it’s that we need to get creative to overcome the monotony of remote work. While almost nothing is in-person, there are still opportunities to connect with others through virtual meeting platforms and have positive results. Read about how I managed to hold a successful, multi-day, global meeting with my Information Development team from 6 times zones, 4 countries, and 6 states. And I even got feedback that people enjoyed it.

Expert’s Guide to CCMS Assessment - Divraj Singh and Bernard Aschwanden - Adobe and Publishing Smarter - March 20212 - Webinar

Join Divraj Singh, Sr. Solutions Consultant at Adobe, in a conversation with Bernard Aschwanden, CEO at Publishing Smarter, whose organization has done multiple CCMS migrations, to understand the following parameters which will make a CCMS evaluation process easy. They will be leveraging Adobe’s CCMS solution –XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager, to showcase some of these workflows; unstructured, XML, DITA, HTML, web vs offline, metadata support, advanced search, versioning, DAM capabilities, and review, translation, task management, content ingestion.

Content Quality Champions: Single Source Authoring & Simplified Technical English - Dushko Radevski and Berry Braster - Jorsek and Etteplan - March 2021 - Webinar

In this webinar, learn how the combination of easyDITA's CCMS and HyperSTE allows you to check your content against your specific style guide, as well as industry standard grammar and terminology rules.

Looking Beyond Agile: Structured Content Development and the Iterative and Incremental Development Methodology - Keith Schengili-Roberts - Precision Content Authoring Solutions - March 2021 - Webinar

Precision Content’s Keith Schengili-Roberts will talk about the current state of Agile and structured content, and also give an introduction to the Iterative and Incremental Development (IID) methodology, a recent Agile offshoot that works well for technical writing teams. If you are wondering about what the impacts are of working with Agile or are simply looking to optimize your DITA-based documentation processes, this presentation is for you!

Comtech Welcomes Dana Aubin to the Team - Dawn Stevens - February 2021 - Article

Get to know the background of Comtech's newest consultant, Dana Aubin

Why Users Don’t Read my Document? - Shubham Singha - Fiserv - February 2021 - Article

Thinking the customer's thinking. Things I learned in my 8 years of technical writing experience.

Web-based XML editing with Xeditor - Carles Aguiló-Collado - Xpublisher - March 2021 - Webinar

Let’s build the Technical Content Industry 4.0 - Anu Singh - Fiserv - February 2021 - Article

What does a Technica Content 4.0 look like today? What does it mean to provide an overall experience as a One-Stop solution?

Integrating Portals to Improve Customer Experience - Dana Aubin - January 2021 - Article

Implementing a new product documentation portal at the same time as a new customer portal provided a unique opportunity to integrate the portals to improve customer experience.

Confluence Review Process - Arun Chandran - January 2021 - Article

Every document written is reviewed to ensure it represents accurate information. The review and approval process can make a document or break a document. To get the best possible result, every stakeholder should efficiently and clearly provide their feedback.

Microsoft Teams: Bringing us together - Zara Reyes - Waters Corporation - January 2021 - Article

A look at how Microsoft Teams has contributed to a sense of togetherness amidst this pandemic.

2020: The year things changed - Sabine Ocker - Comtech Services - January 2021 - Article

A reflection on impactful work-place changes in 2020, and thoughts on what the new year has in store.

UX Principles for Content Creation - Philomena Dolla and Punam Saxena - VMware - December 2020 - Article

A look into how to enhance the Information Experience by using principles from UX design.

The Cloud: What It Means for Content Ops - Sarah Leritz-Higgins - Siemens Industry Software - December 2020 - Article

The cloud” is a dominant force in computing these days, and its presence will only proliferate as computing technologies continue to evolve. Just what is the cloud, and how does it affect what we do in the information development industry?

Process Maturity: A recipe for navigating difficult times - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - December 2020 - article

The Comtech Information-Development Process Maturity Model (IPMM), originally created back in 1994 with 8 attributes, has grown to eleven. How prepared are you to face the future of information-development? Take some time to compare your organization to the traits of a mature organization in each area of the IPMM.

Custom Business Rules for DITA Projects - Octavian Nadolu - Syncro Soft SRL - December 2020 - Webinar

A step by step guide to getting started with Schematron and Schematron Quick Fixes.

How The SME Stole Content Clarity - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - December 2020 - Article

A whimsical look at a Subject Matter Expert based on a holiday classic from Dr. Seuss

DIY DITA output customization - Yendra Waney - Oceaneering - December 2020 - Article

A look at how to keep DITA output customizations easy with the XMLMind DITA converter, ditac.

How HubSpot Academy Uses DITA For Their Learning Platform - Maria McCarthy and Jarod Sickler - Jorsek Inc. (easyDITA) - October 2020 - Webinar

This presentation will describe the implementation as it relates to changes in processes, tools, and employee behavior and skills.

ConVEx Sets the Standard for Online Events! - Kathy Madison - Comtech Services - November 2020 - Article

A brief recap of ConVEx 2020 including some tips on inclusivity and accessibility.

Establishing and Improving Cross-team Collaboration with UX Designers - Sean Watson - ServiceNow - November 2020 - Article

Key takeaways from establishing a process with UX designers to effectively collaborate across teams as a Content Writer.

Working with SMEs - Kathy Madison - Comtech Services - November 2020 - Article

A look at some best practices when working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to gain technical information.

Downsides Of Poor DITA Conversions - Helen St. Denis - Stilo International - October 2020 - Webinar

Before you proceed, think about how the conversion could help you derive the benefits of DITA that you expect.

Dynamic Publishing with a Headless CMS - Sabine Ocker - Comtech Services - October 2020 - Article

Short Description: Comtech consultant Sabine Ocker speaks with Barry Grenon of Genesys about their dynamic publishing environment powered by a headless CMS.

Essentially agile: 5 lessons learned in designing work around sprints - Ted Wolff - Danfoss Power Solutions - September 2020 - Article

Information Developers: Our Work Matters - Scott Abel - The Content Wrangler - September 2020 - Article

Scott Abel argues that it’s time for information developers to demonstrate our value by helping the organizations we serve become information-enabled. Our knowledge and deep experience should be harnessed to create new capabilities that enable exponential business growth, and organizations tackle unforeseen challenges, respond to dangers and threats, and take advantage of opportunities. Our best practices, methods, and tools can help put information and data to work (at scale and on-demand) for any business purpose.

Docs as Code: Documentation Management Inspired by Software Development - Alex Jitianu - Syncro Soft SRL - September 2020 - Webinar

We will analyze a working Docs as Code setup that will be freely available on GitHub afterward so attendees will be able to fork it, work with it, gain a deeper understanding and apply these concepts into their own documentation projects.

Engage - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - September 2020 - Article

A look at how we can engage in life, with our customers, product managers, subject matter experts, team members, and while at ConVEx.

Let’s Undo it the Intelligent Way! - Anu Singh - Fiserv - September 2020 - Article

The traditional documents with hundreds of pages have turned into opportunities for providing a more pragmatic way of accessing information focusing on the right content, the right set of people, and at the right time. This article looks at how to undo the hundreds of pages and deliver small content modules that a user needs to accomplish a specific task, successfully.

Structuring Your Content for Automation - Marie Gollentz - Typefi - September 2020 - Webinar

This is a presentation that provides an intersection between content and design. It is a high-level practical guide to analyzing your content, deciding what you want to do with it, developing style naming conventions, and developing editorial style guides, design style guides, and style templates.

Content Quality: How does yours stack up? - Kathy Madison - Comtech Services - August 2020 - Article

A brief introduction to the 2020 CIDM Membership Benchmark Study which investigates how member's quality assurance processes stack up to their peers and what level of maturity the community has achieved relative to Comtech's Information Process Maturity Model (IPMM).

Documenting Faster to the Future - Rohini Garde - VMware - August 2020 - article

When UX designers and technical writers partner together, writers can start foreseeing the future. This article highlights how an efficient collaboration with UX designers can help writers document faster to the future.

In this session, we’ll see both traditional and headless delivery strategies that will inspire you to think about content in new and exciting ways.

ConVEx: A new approach to industry events - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - August 2020 - Webinar

Content developers and managers from all over are coming together to share ideas and inspire each other at ConVEx in September. When first announced, we said ConVEx is not an online simulation of an in-person conference, but an immersive experience designed from the ground up. During this Webinar, Dawn Stevens explains what you can expect and gain from this new event format.

Reimagining Your Omnichannel Content Strategy for Exponential Growth - Rob Hanna - Precision Content - August 2020 - Webinar

Rob Hanna explores how information-enablement across the enterprise is key to this type of performance and why we need to rethink how we create content to become Exponential Organizations.

A Homebrew Reuse Analyzer - Larry Koller - CommScope - August 2020 - Article

Learn how to find and correct inconsistencies and create collection files for reusable text using a simple reuse analyzer. The script uses existing open-source tools and code.

Is Your Content Ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution? - Michael Rosinski - Astoria Software, A TransPerfect Company - July 2020 - Webinar

This presentation will define the new exponential organizations, companies that grow often at 10 times faster than comparable companies, and are guided by a massive transformational purpose to deliver Information Enablement through innovations such as “ Content as A Service” – CAAS.

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is now critical to look at information from a completely different perspective and instead of focusing on product features and technical details, let’s begin to look at how people feel when they use products and consume information.