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What’s the Impact? How to Get Better Results From All That Content - Christopher Willis - Acrolinx - June 2022 - Webinar

Chris Willis, Acrolinx CMO, explores the importance and value of content impact. You’ll learn: what impactful content looks like and if yours qualifies, why content impact outperforms basic quality to deliver better business results, and how technology can help you automate your content improvement.

What an Automated DITA Conversion Can Do for You (and what it can’t) - Helen St. Denis - Stilo - May 2022 - Webinar

As more and more types of content are being moved to DITA, a greater variety of legacy formats need to be converted. Helen looks at some of them to see what can be gleaned from each, beyond the basic structure, and some of the challenges that remain.

Terminology? – How to get it off the ground! - Klaus Fleischmann - Kaleidoscope - April 2022 - Webinar

Klause shares his best strategies for launching a terminology project for your business!

Scaling Content Operations with Docs as Code and Robots - Fabrice Lacroix and Gaspard Bébié-Valérian - Fluid Topics - May 2022 - Webinar

Fabrice and Gasparduntangle th e complex process of continuous content delivery and unveil new methods and processes to embrace the new landscape of documentation.

The Quizzical Lament of a Technical Document - Sairam Venugopalan - Qualcomm - May 2022 - Article

Sairam Venugopalan shares another poem, which is intended as a soulful portrayal of a tech publication's sentiments and reflections.

Why Your Whole Company Should Praise Your Tech Content – And How They Will - Géraldine Boulez - Fluid Topics - April 2022 - Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn: How to debunk the most common misconceptions about the business value of tech doc. How to connect your tech content to your company’s business goals and how to demonstrate to your execs how your documentation can effectively generate gains in three main areas of business: Marketing, Customer Support, and Field Services.

The Value of Terminology in the Content Creation Process - Michael Klemme and Klaus Fleischmann - Acrolinx and Kaleidoscope - April 2022 - Webinar

Terminology is at the core of great content. When used consistently, it helps you communicate precisely and efficiently, which is an approach to your brand communication. It also makes your content accurate.

Welcome Trish Grindereng! - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - April 2022 - Article

Learn more about Comtech's newest team member, Trish Grindereng.

Join TJ Dhaliwal in this session as he uses Stilo’s Analyzer and Migrate to investigate source content for similar and exact matches. Then, further use that information to plan for conrefs, keyrefs, and topicrefs before any transformation takes place. Conclude by deduplicating exact topic matches and realizing some of the potential that was uncovered in the beginning.

CIDM Sponsor Profile: RWS - Shruti Deshpande - RWS - April 2022 - Article

RWS talks about the importance of customer satisfaction and how it relates to your CCMS.

Remembering Lovonya Thomas - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - April 2022 - Article

Dawn Stevens remembers long-time Comtech employee, Lovonya Thomas, and shares client comments and tributes on how Lonvonya wonderfully impacted our lives.

Creating Cohesive Writing Teams - Tricia Kinman and Rich Gebhardt - Mastercard - March 2022 - Article

Rich Gebhardt and Tricia Kinman share their insights on how to create collaborative and cohesive teams.

Not THAT Self-Service - Lawrence Orin - Bringg - March 2022 - Article

Lawerence Orin provides tips and insights for choosing web portal tools explaining the difference between customization and configuration.

The Content Scientist - Michael Iantosca - Avalara Inc. - March 2022 - Article

Michael Iantosca looks at how information developers have evolved into content scientists and what types of education help prepare graduates to embrace this newer role.

Lessons from Daddy - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - March 2022 - Article

Dawn Stevens shares personal stories of her upbringing and reflects on how her father's lessons helped form the women she is today.

The Growing Importance of Soft Skills - Tim Milbrath - Almon, Inc. - March 2022 - Article

Tim Milbrath talks about six soft skills that every technical writer should have to thrive in today's writing world.

Content Needs Categories: Adding Taxonomy to Structured Content for an Exceptional Customer Experience - Sarah O’Keefe and Chip Gettinger - Scriptorium & RWS - February 2022 - Webinar

Sarah and Chip will present and discuss emerging trends, techniques and technology for your information digital initiatives.

Good listening = Good documentation: How the community benefits open-source projects - Bonnie Robinson - The OpenNMS Group - February 2022 - Article

Several methods of getting the user community involved in the documentation are summarized in this article. Including using Mattermost, Discourse and Hacktoberfest.

The Future of Holistic Content Experiences is Here - Stefan Gentz - Adobe - February 2022 - Webinar

In this session, Stefan Gentz, Senior Worldwide Evangelist for Technical Communication at Adobe, will share some insights from the recent Adobe-commissioned Forrester study. Forrester surveyed 450 decision-makers on Content Experience Management to understand how global brands deliver relevant and contextual experiences across touchpoints.

Winning the Budget Game: How Content Delivery Gets You Buy-In for Large Content Projects - Fabrice Lacroix and Géraldine Boulez - Fluid Topics - November 2021 - Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn how Dynamic Content Delivery generates value from your existing content, build a fast ROI to gain support from your Execs for your content project, and optimize your project to move to structured authoring, making it a success.

This article talks about what, why, and how about the concept of infographics as a content strategy specially in online technical communications. It also provides an insight on the accessibility approach while using infographics in the web-based technical documentation. In addition, it discusses the best practices that can be adapted for designing accessible infographics-based content.

The Art of Storytelling with Content - Anu Sing - Fiserv - January 2022 - Article

How to use information and mold it into a compelling story that brings value to the intended audience and has been told in an engaging way, when, where, and how the users want it, to get their attention.

Editing for Quality – from the Readers’ Point of View - Yoel Strimling - CEVA, Inc. - December 2021 - Article

How do readers define "documentation quality" so we can align ourselves with their expectations and requirements.

Kotter’s Dual Operating System of Successful Change - Matt Abe - Graco, Inc. - December 2021 - Article

A look at how Graco is applying John P. Kotter's change-management principles.

Hiring and Training: What’s happening in the CIDM community - Kathy Madison and Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - December 2021 - Article

Kathy Madison and Dawn Stevens share the results of the 2021 CIDM Member Benchmark Survey on hiring and training practices.

The Night Before Release - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - December 2021 - Article

Dawn's take on the classic poem, A Visit from St. Nicholas, by Clement Clarke Moore.

One Voice to Elevate Your Customer Experience - Berry Braster and Jarod Sickler - Etteplan and Heretto - October 2021 - Webinar

Attend this webinar if you’re looking to provide your audience with accurate and compliant content, align your global workforce with One Voice, reduce your source content and translations by 40%, and more.

CCMS: A Good Fit for Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Organizations? - Eric Kuhnen & Kaarin Gordon - GlobalLink Vasont & TransPerfect - December 2021 - Webinar

Join Eric Kuhnen, president of GlobalLink Vasont, in conversation with Kaarin Gordon for an engaging discussion of how component content management systems amplify or ameliorate some of the difficult content complexities these organizations face today.

Refactoring XML Content for Iterative Model Development - Rob Hanna - Precision Content Authoring Solutions - December 2021 - Webinar

Join Precision Content’s President and Chief Information Architect, Rob Hanna, to explores methods the company uses to refine models and update the content corpus through scheduled refactoring activities.

The Layman’s Guide to Content Conversion - Bernard Aschwanden - Adobe - November 2021 - Webinar

Content authors need to consider many factors while converting their existing content to structured content, including analyzing the content at its source. In this webinar, we will identify the most common “gotcha” issues, share a few useful tips and tricks to reduce the volume of these glitches, and offer you a sneak peek into the workflow to take legacy content and plan your conversion to structured content.

Technical Writing and How it Can Relate to Community Outreach - Paula Manley - Waters - December 2021 - Article

CIDM Sponsor Profile – Fluid Topics - Géraldine Boulez - Antidot / Fluid Topics - November 2021 - Article

A detailed look at how Antidot's Fluid Topic platform can transform your technical documentation into a personalized content experience.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes - Kathy Madison - Comtech Services - November 2021 - Article

A look at some best practices around change management as discussed in a CIDM managers' roundtable session.

Documentation Build Migration from AsciiDoctor to Antora - Bonnie Robinson - The OpenNMS Group - November 2021 - Article

Insights into how The OpenNMS Group migrated their open-source network monitoring platform documentation from AsciiDoctro to Antora.

How Semantic AI Powers the Future of Intelligent Content Management - Chip Gettinger and Joe Pairman - RWS - October 2021 - Webinar

During this webinar, Joe and Chip will discuss that while machine learning is a good start, it may not give customers the full value, clarity, or futureproofing required. So we challenged ourselves to productize a semantic AI approach that drives a polished end-user experience—and also appeals to busy editorial teams who care about quality but need to beat deadlines.

Live Panel Discussion: How a CCMS can Benefit High Technology Companies - Michael Rosinski, Marie-Helene Soria, Nick Wilhelm, and Marc Medjad - Astoria Software, ST Microelectronics, and Tektronix - October 2021 - Webinar

For high tech companies, how to initiate requirements for a CCMS technical product documentation project; develop ROI justification metrics for Executive Management, and conduct a successful implementation.

In this presentation, we’ll take a critical look at content operations (Content Ops), the processes behind your knowledge, and how they make or break customer experiences.

In this webinar, you will learn how the documentation team can capture meaningful content metrics and drive change and improvement to the content, the product, and ultimately to customer service and user satisfaction leveraging dedicated Content Analytics.

Compassionate Writing - Veronica Beck and Robert Perry - - October 2021 - Article

A look at how to create documentation that envelopes and demonstrates compassion for the reader.

Top 3 Things to Consider when Writing for Internal Customers or SMEs - Suyog Ketkar - Autodesk - October 2021 - Article

Suyog Ketkar recaps his experiences working with his Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), providing tips on how to build lasting relationships that lead to better writing.