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In this presentation, Stefan Gentz will give insights from the Adobe Technical Communication Worldwide Survey 2019/2020. TechComm professionals from 60 countries participated in the survey. He will discuss the driving factors for enterprises around the world when it comes to technical communication.

Collecting Meaningful Metrics - Leticia Guzzetta - Cadence Design - February 2020 - Article

BOTI Conference: A Talk Show on Technical Information - Thomas Härdelin - TIFF - February 2020 - Article

A recap of the BOTI 2019 Conference including comments from the attendees and highlights of the presentations.

Docs as Code: Documentation Management Inspired by Software Development - Alex Jitianu - Syncro Soft SRL - September 2020 - Webinar

We will analyze a working Docs as Code setup that will be freely available on GitHub afterward so attendees will be able to fork it, work with it, gain a deeper understanding and apply these concepts into their own documentation projects.

Custom Business Rules for DITA Projects - Octavian Nadolu - Syncro Soft SRL - December 2020 - Webinar

A step by step guide to getting started with Schematron and Schematron Quick Fixes.

Dragging Hidden Project Costs into the Light - Sabine Ocker - Comtech Services Inc. - February 2020 - Webinar

In this webinar, Sabine Ocker discusses some top hidden costs and provide insights on how to identify, plan for, and mitigate the impact of common examples such as changes to project scope, lack of appropriate standards, and content conversions.

How UX is Transforming Content - Fawn Damitio - Juniper Networks - February 2020 - Article

How people learn and consume information is swiftly changing and we, as technical communicators, must adapt. This article explores changes over the past decade in how people live and think, how these changes impact our role as technical communicators, and how UX and a modernized approach to content can help us thrive in this new world.

Using DITA for Small Technical Documentation Teams - Radu Coravu - Syncro Soft SRL - April 2020 - Webinar

Implementing DITA with a small team of technical writers does not have to be expensive or difficult to set up.

Collaboration Scenarios for Technical Documentation - George Bina - Syncro Soft SRL - March 2020 - Webinar

In this presentation, we will explore a few collaboration scenarios that show how to implement continuous improvement loops for published documentation, how to integrate documentation as part of the product development workflow, and how immediate collaboration can take place.

Ok Boomer — Are Technical Communicators Ready to Write for Digital Native Users? - Sabine Ocker - Comtech Services - February 2020 - Article

Digital Natives have fundamentally different content requirements and preferences than digital immigrants. In order to be able to meet those needs, Technical Communications organizations must gain deeper understanding of user preferences such as visual learning, user generated text, and mobile device access via multiple first hand feedback mechanisms.

Saying Goodbye to a Comtech Colleague - Kathy Madison - Comtech Services - February 2020 - Article

A tribute to Marie-Louise Flacke, a Comtech colleague from Lannion, France passed away on January 16, 2020.

Streamlining the Localization Process with New Automation - Jim Tivy - Bluestream - February 2020 - Webinar

Jim will begin with an overview of the localization process, of how content flows across systems and organizations. In this context, we will discuss techniques and also wins and pitfalls in automating and streamlining the localization process.

The Chatbot Revolution — a Whimper not a Bang - Sabine Ocker - Comtech Services - January 2020 - Article

We are still waiting for the chatbot revolution in technical product documentation. Breaking down enterprise content silos and challenges with discovering user intents may be two reasons why chatbots are not ubiquitous yet.

Learning to Enjoy the Process of Writing Useful Release Notes - Shwetha Madhan - VMware 2020 - Article

Engineering teams focus hard on the quality of their release. Writing teams work hard on their documentation. But release notes never seemed to get the same level of attention from either group. When workspace ONE UEM team made the extra effort to communicate the value and customer impact of new features, in plain language and in multimedia, customers were happier! Don’t sell yourself short with boring release notes.

Taxonomy Trends – 2019 - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - December 2019 - Article

A look at the Taxonomy Trends based on data from our CIDM Member Annual Survey.

Growing the UXUA Blended Family - Janette Lynch - Veracode - December 2019 - Article

Technical writers and content strategists don’t always work with their company’s UX team. This article describes how one company’s UA team works hand-in-hand with UX, details the processes and procedures they follow and lists the associated pros and cons of the working relationship.

Data-Driven-Doc-Team - Lawrence Orin - Zoomin - December 2019 - Article

How do you measure the effectiveness and success of your documentation? This article includes concrete examples on how to collect actionable data, get buy-in from other departments, and become a data-driven documentation team.

Bah, humbug!? - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - December 2019 - Article

Adaptation of "A Christmas Carol" (with apologies to Dickens) - Scrooge, a technical writer, is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future.

Empowering the Seekers - Suyog Ketkar - Autodesk - December 2019 - Article

Suyog Ketkar reckons that we, technical communicators, refer the users, customers, and consumers by but one name: the seeker. He explores the core purpose of technical communication through the notes that he took during a coffee-table conversation and joins the dots to match up to the seekers' requirements

Hidden Costs of Content Conversion: Writer Resources - Sabine Ocker - Comtech Services - December 2019 - Article

There are known costs associated with converting source content to DITA. This article delves into costs that may not be identified at the onset of the conversion project, namely additional writer and other team member cycles.

Managing Risk: Sample DITA Collections - Stanley Doherty, Ph.D. - Oracle - November 2019 - Article

Did you know there are many free resources to help with your DITA adoption, including sample DITA content that you can download and use today?

Can I use it? Get started with web accessibility - Desiree Livermon - Genesys - November 2019 - Article

An overview of accessibility and the importance of accessible content, reasons for stakeholders to buy in, and 5 general areas you can tackle to make your content more accessible right now.

Enhancing the entire Content Lifecycle with oXygen and XDocs - Nenad Furtula - Bluestream - December 2019 - Webinar

In this webinar Bluestream will show how advanced integration with oXygen Author and Editor throughout the content lifecycle can greatly help everyone involved in creating content.

VMware’s Quality Campaign - Jane Wilson - VMware - November 2019 - Article

Using a methodology called Flawless Execution, VMware describes how they define for product teams what exactly is quality documentation for the administrators, developers, and end-users who work on our complex enterprise software products.

The Outside-In approach to information development and CX - Theodore Wolff - Danfoss - October 2019 - Article

Tips on how to have an outside-in perspective for understanding your organization's customer experience.

Proven Strategy for cCMS Implementation Success and Value - Vi Kellersohn - Oberon Technologies - October 2019 - Webinar

Whether you are looking to adopt cCMS for the first time or you’ve been using one for years, there are ways to ensure your system is optimized for success. View this webinar and find out what your plan should include.

10 Ways DITA Can Help Drive a Unified Content Strategy - Bernard Aschwanden - Publishing Smarter - October 2019 - Webinar

In this webinar, Bernard Aschwanden, will take you through 10 ways in which DITA can help drive unified content strategy.

Writing Effective User Stories for Technical Communicators - Mary Dickens - Cengage - October 2019 - Article

A look at how Tech-Comm users stories differ from developer user stories.

How Did the Best Practices Conference Measure Up? - Kathy Madison - Comtech Services - October 2019 - Article

Recap of the 2019 Best Practices Conference about metrics, including keynote and presentation highlights, and attendee feedback and take-aways.

Bringing Order to Chaos - Gary WHite & Gabrielle Scott - NantHealth, LLC - September 2019 - Article

Guidelines for getting started with implementing Schematron rules and DTD constraints and how to choose the right tool for the right job in your implementation.

The Sorting Hat - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - September 2019 - Article

Inspired by the Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter books, Dawn explains how we as technical communicators must create user personas and use them as a guide for the content we include, the tone and style we take, the delivery mechanisms we employ, and even the way we define quality.

Combining Teams, Tools, and Workflows after a Corporate Merger - Larry Kunz - Extreme Networks - September 2019 - Article

Extreme Networks shares how after a corporate merger they consolidated their people, tools, and workflows, while retaining the best practices from all three teams and helping writers produce content with as little disruption as possible.

View this webinar to see how an integrated solution can help you: move from publishing static PDFs, leverage next-generation capabilities, and still be able to publish to other popular formats.

You Own Nothing: Content as Community Property - Marcia Garnett - Poly (Formerly Polycom and Plantronics) - September 2019 - Article

To achieve reuse success, Polycom outlines how they let go of the concept of book ownership and moved toward collaborative writing teams.

Metadata Strategy: Making it Easy for Everyone to Find Your Content - Todd Burdin - Oberon Technologies - September 2019 - Webinar

Learn how a metadata strategy adopted by all the content creators can make it easier for everyone inside and outside your organization to find the information they need.

Going Fishing for Writers: Technical writer job descriptions - Sabine Ocker - Comtech Services - September 2019 - Article

A look at what should be included in a technical writing job description, whether writers or engineers should be hired, and what hiring challenges CIDM members are facing today.

Tips for Women to Thrive and Succeed in a STEM Environment - Emily Luijbregts - Siemens DIS - September 2019 - Article

Four women technical communicators discuss their experiences working in male-dominated science, technology, engineering and mathematics oriented companies.

Not Getting Chopped: Measuring Mystery Ingredients for Success - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - June 2019 - Article

Inspired by the TV show Chopped, this is a look at the role of a technical communicator as a chef. Whether you are assembling a Michelin-star winning dish or assembling a technical manual, you cannot even begin to think about the presentation of the end product until you first start with an understanding of your source materials — your ingredients.

Editing Modular Documentation: Some Best Practices - Yoel Strimling, CEVA and Michelle Corbin, IBM - December 2018 - Article

How to edit modular content, and what the editor’s role should be. This modularized content requires a different mindset from traditional editing.

Using a Communications Framework to Support Change - Stacey Meggs - Hewlett-Packard Enterprise - December 2018 - Article

Best practices for successfully establishing and using a communications framework when implementing DITA.