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Terminology Management in Complex Scenarios - Klaus Fleischmann - Kaleidoscope - December 2023 - Webinar

Klaus presents procedural and technological solutions with Kaleidoscope's Content Quality Platform, Kalcium.

Unveiling Editorial Magic in the Realm of Generative AI - Chris Willis, Peter Tauter, and Sean Angus - Acrolinx - December 2023 - Webinar

Chris, Peter, and Sean unveil the secrets to success throughout the editorial process, especially in a world where Generative AI has become a transformative force in content creation.

Breaking Barriers: Content Pros as GenAI Pioneers - Fabrice Lacroix, Amber Swope, and Lief Erickson - Fluid Topics - January 2024 - Webinar

Fabrice, Amber, and Lief explore why content developers and information architects must be at the forefront of GenAI Projects.

CIDM Sponsor Profile – Antenna House - Michael Miller - Antenna House - December 2023 - Article

Michael discusses how Antenna House has been developing Formatter for over twenty-five years, and today, it is the only product on the market that supports both the XSL-FO and CSS standards with nearly identical capabilities.

Intelligent Content Services based on Knowledge Graphs & Large Language Models - Helmut Nagy and Eric Tengstrand - Semantic Web - December 2023 - Webinar

Helmut and Eric show how the combination of generative AI and symbolic AI can ultimately lead to eXplainable AI (XAI), which can help us in our daily work, and lead to the creation of intelligent content that enables deeper understanding and informed decision making.

Quality-Checking your Content Conversion - Tristan Mitchell - DeltaXML - January 2024 - Webinar

Tristan walks through some of the pitfalls of content conversion and shows how the DeltaXML new tool, ConversionQA, can help you ensure that your content conversion hasn’t misplaced a single character.

Roughing It Out with Reviewers - Geetha Haridas - Qualcomm - November 2023 - Article

Geetha discusses the importance of communication in the documentation review process and gives some hints and tips for writers to build constructive professional relationships with their reviewers.

XSL-FO/CSS Comparison - Michael Miller - Antenna House - October 2023 - Webinar

Michael builds on the previous webinar, "CSS or XSL-FO: Which should I use for producing print publications?" and compares the two strategies for document formatting.

TJ demonstrates Stilo's comprehensive, end-to-end process for converting pharmaceutical documentation.

CIDM Sponsor Profile – Heretto - Sarah Cuellar - Heretto - October 2023 - Article

Sarah explains how Heretto is one powerful CCMS platform to deploy product and API docs to a self-service portal designed to delight customers.

Calming the Cacophony of Content Changes - Tristan Mitchell - DeltaXML - October 2023 - Webinar

Tristan shares DeltaXML's top tips for managing changing content and calming the cacophony it can create.

Allowing Variations in DITA Output Formatting - Brianna Stevens-Russell - Comtech Services - Fall 2023 - Article

Brianna shares priority tradeoffs in designing DITA-OT outputs: consistency vs. flexibility.

Events, Data, and Information: We Have a Problem - Chris Despopoulos - Fall 2023 - Article

In the first installment in a series of articles, Chris clarifies what it means when we say informed user.

Planes, Trains, and Transformations - Tracey Langenbach - FIS - Fall 2023 - Article

Tracey shares the second installment of insights and lessons learned in her company's content transformation journey.

Building Business Value through a Data-Driven Content Strategy - Aditi Kashikar - Automation Anywhere - October 2023 - Article

Aditi discusses how product content accounts for almost 40% of their company’s online traffic and as creators of that content asset, they see this as an opportunity to create immense business value for the company.

A Moving Experience - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - Fall 2023 - Article

Dawn reminisces about the many moves she has made in her life and draws parallels to a company's content migration.

The Symbiosis Between AI and Terminology - Klaus Fleischmann and Mikael Lundahl - Kaleidoscope - September 2023 - Webinar

Klaus and Mikael discuss how to capture your company's "wild" terminology, tame it, and integrate it into your existing terminology, and how AI can support in this and other terminology management tasks.

Automation in Technical Documentation - Trish Grindereng - Comtech Services - September 2023 - Article

Trish reports on a recent CIDM roundtable where members discussed the importance of automation in the technical documentation.

GenAI: 6 Real-life Transformations for Tech Doc and Your Organization - Fabrice Lacroix - Fluid Topics - September 2023 - Webinar

Fabrice Lacroix will discuss six practical use cases showcasing the remarkable impact of AI in revolutionizing the world of Tech Doc.

What consumers want from self-service customer support - Scott Abel - Content Strategy Evangelist, Heretto - September 2023 - Article

Scott shares the 2023 customer support survey findings commissioned by The Content Wrangler and Heretto to identify and understand common consumer thoughts about customer service and self-service support.

Where Do Technical Writers Belong? - Dana Aubin - Comtech Services - August 2023 - Article

Dana discusses the pros and cons of where technical writers belong in organizations.

Standardizing Office Inputs from Authors into Usable Document Data - Alex Critchfield - Antenna House - August 2023 - Webinar

Alex discusses the pros and cons of various Office conversion processes.

Celebrating Technical Communication Excellence: The CODiE Awards Best Knowledge Center/Help Site - Scott Abel - Content Strategy Evangelist, Heretto - August 2023 - Article

Scott announces that the Software Information Industry Association (SIIA) added a new category to their annual Best of the Web contest, the 2023 CODiE Awards: Best Knowledge Center/Help Site.

Illuminate the Blind Spots in Your Content Strategy with Harmonizer - Christopher Hill - DCL - July 2023 - Webinar

Chris discusses how with Harmonizer, organizations can streamline the content management process to identify duplicate redundant content and analyze large document collections across any file format.

Communicating and Collaborating with a Global Project Team - Geetha Haridas - Qualcomm - July 2023 - Article

Geetha discusses communication issues that commonly occur in global teams and provides hints and tips to improve communication and collaboration.

Overcoming Roadblocks on the Journey to a Structured Standard - TJ Dhaliwal - Stilo - Summer 2023 - Article

TJ discusses some common roadblocks when transitioning to a structured standard and the strategies to overcome them.

Best Practices for Inclusive Language Use - Scott Abel - Content Strategy Evangelist, Heretto - Summer 2023 - Article

Scott discusses how companies and organizations worldwide are updating internal and external communication policies, training, and style guides to help employees produce more inclusive language.

Adventures in CCMS migration! - Sarah Rowe and Bobbi Werner - Baxter - Summer 2023 - Article

Bobbi and Sarah discuss their CCMS migration adventure, and share lessons learned along the way.

Building Inspiration - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - Summer 2023 - Article

Dawn reminisces about her Lego collection.

CIDM Sponsor Profile – DeltaXML - - DeltaXML - July 2023 - Article

DeltaXML's top tips for understanding, managing, and calming the cacophony of changing content.

Between Competition and Collaboration: Walking with Hugo - Frank Wegmann - Software AG - June 2023 - Webinar

Frank discusses how Lightweight DITA can help foster collaboration and how Hugo, a very popular static site generator (SSG), can be used to bridge the gap between markup and markdown.

Bringing together taxonomies and terminologies - Klaus Fleischmann and Sebastian Gabler - Kaleidoscope and Semantic Web - June 2023 - Webinar

Klaus and Sebastian discuss how Semantic Web Company and Kaleidoscope integrate their two platforms and offer a combined taxonomy and terminology management solution.

CIDM Sponsor Profile – DCL - - DCL - June 2023 - Article

DCL discusses how content can only unlock new opportunities for organizations if it has a foundation of rich structure and metadata.

Bringing Content Impact to Salesforce Service Cloud - Daniel Nutburn and Jamila Elouazani - Acrolinx - June 2023 - Webinar

Daniel and Jamila discuss how to bring content impact to Salesforce Service Cloud.

CSS or XSL-FO: Which should I use for producing print publications? - Michael Miller - Antenna House - June 2023 - Webinar

Michael explores the two standards for fully automated formatting of pages and publications for PDF and print: CSS and XSL-FO.

The Forthcoming of Social and Semantic Technical Documentation - Fabrice Lacroix - Fluid Topics - June 2023 - Webinar

Fabrice explores the principles that transformed the Web, and find out how these concepts can be applied to technical documentation.

Unlocking the Power of Your CMS - Chip Gettinger, Bob Kasenchak and Bram Wessel - RWS and Factor Firm - May 2023 - Webinar

Chip, Bob, and Bram give insight into what it means to manage and govern an enterprise content ecosystem by “unlocking” the power of the CMS.

Jacob discusses the benefits of using Stilo Migrate for automated content conversion.

CIDM Sponsor Profile – Fluid Topics - Anne Sophie Lardet - Fluid Topics - May 2023 - Article

A detailed look at how Antidot's Fluid Topic platform can transform your technical documentation into a personalized content experience.

Using structured authoring to publish videos at scale - Wiegert Tierie and Wouter Maagdenberg - RWS and TXTOmedia - May 2023 - Webinar

Wiegert and Wouter discuss the challenge of how to make video scalable, compliant, and cost-effective.