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What Your Web Analytics Won’t Tell You - Chad Dybdahl - Acrolinx - January 2023 - Webinar

Chad discusses how collecting qualitative analytics about your content can help drive more actionable feedback by adding a third dimension to the insights you receive about your content.

Content Reuse beyond Content Reuse - Stefan Gentz - Adobe - November 2022 - Webinar

Stefan discusses why we need to rethink technical content and shares some ideas on increasing the value of information both within the organization and for the customer.

Quality Management: From Coincidence to Strategy in Global Content - Klaus Fleischmann - Kaleidoscope - October 2022 - Webinar

Klaus shares which aspects and stakeholders you need to take into consideration on your way to successful quality management of multilingual content.

Recognizing Potential Reuse in Your Content Before Conversion - Jacob Brennan - Stilo - December 2022 - Webinar

Jacob demonstrates how you can identify reusable or redundant content in your own documentation and pinpoint potential cost savings using detailed graphical reports with Stilo’s Analyzer.

Success With Your Content – What Does It Take? - Anu Singh - Fiserv - November 2022 - Article

Anu discusses success with content for a learner, what it means, and how we need to effectively curate information to help our users with just-in-time information and learning.

Rik looks at other drivers for the move to structure content with real-world examples of what can be achieved.

CIDM Sponsor Profile – Acrolinx - - Acrolinx - November 2022 - Article

This article explores how Acrolinx can help technical communicators create better user experiences with clear and effective content.

The Future Will Be Different Than Expected, CCMSs too! - Sebastian Göttel - Quanos - December 2022 - Webinar

Sebastian Göttel will highlight the megatrends of the 20s and try to draw new conclusions for CCMSs‘.

CIDM Sponsor Profile – IXIASOFT - Jean-Marc Robillard - Ixiasoft - October 2022 - Article

Jean-Marc Robillard discusses Ixiasoft's commitment to their mission of helping customers succeed in their technical documentation goals.

Semantic markup. Why do I need it, and how do I do it? - Helen St. Denis - Stilo - October 2022 - Webinar

Helen shares why semantic markup is now preferable and how we add it to our docs.

Utilizing DITA with CPQ – How your CCMS can form the centerpiece of your Configure, Price, and Quote system - Dr. Thoma Blumer, QAD and Rik Page, Bluestream - Bluestream - October 2022 - Webinar

Thomas and Rik discuss how CPQ systems can be enhanced with the content stored within your CCMS.

CIDM Sponsor Profile – Kaleidoscope - - Kaleidoscope - October 2022 - Article

In this article, Kaleidoscope describes a proven approach for strategic content quality with a special focus on multilingual challenges.

When Doc Meets Web – Myths, Reality, and Key Choices - Fabrice Lacroix - Fluid Topics - September 2022 - Webinar

Fabrice Lacroix will uncover the intricacies of transitioning to a web-based documentation and the cultural and technological clashes it represents.

Hindsight: A Content Transformation Journey - Tracey Langenbach - FIS - September 2022 - Article

Tracey shares insights and lessons learned in her company's content transformation journey.

Inclusive Terminology and its Adoption in the Workplace - Kripa Venkat - Texas Instruments - September 2022 - Article

Kripa discusses the basic definitions of the three terms diversity, equity, and inclusion and their relevance to people in the workplace.

Navigating a Changing Landscape – from Documentation to Information Experience - Neeraj Bhatia and Michelle Bacigalupi - Guidewire - September 2022 - Article

Neeraj and Michelle discuss how transition leads to changes in the way we think about, create, and publish content.

3D in Technical Documentation - Sebastian Göttel and Hermann Arya - Quanos - September 2022 - Webinar

Sebastian and Hermann discuss what steps are necessary in a CCMS to not only visually enhance online documentation with interactive 3D data, but also to enable new access to information.

DITA-OT Day 2022 – The Preliminary Agenda Is Available! - Alin Belu - Oxygen - September 2022 - Article

The preliminary agenda for DITA-OT Day 2022 is now available.

Kathy’s Next Adventure - Dawn Stevens - Comtech - September 2022 - Article

Dawn says goodbye to Kathy Madison, who retires at the end of September 2022.

Terminology? – How to make it the source of truth! - Christian Lang - Kaleidoscope - September 2022 - Webinar

Christian explains how terminology can act as the single source of truth, breaking up data silos and providing the same information to every employee.

Key Findings from the Adobe Technical Communication Industry Survey 2022 - Stefan Gentz and Saibal Bhattacharjee - Adobe - September 2022 - Webinar

Stefan and Saibal discuss key insights from the 2022 Adobe Technical Communication global industry survey.

August CIDM Roundtable: User-Generated Content - Dana Aubin - Comtech Services - September 2022 - Article

Dana reports on our August CIDM Round Table. CIDM members discuss their experiences and questions about August's topic, user-generated content.

Digital Transformation Survey 2022: Results, analysis, and projections - Dawn Stevens, Mark Gross, Chip Gettinger - Comtech Services, Data Conversion Laboratory, RWS - August 2022 - Webinar

Join Dawn, Mark, and Chip as they walk through the 2022 Digital Transformation Trends Survey results. No matter what industry you work in, digital transformation is happening on many levels, and understanding how your peers are applying resources, budgets, and strategies can contribute to your success.

DITA TC Wants You! - Kristen James Eberlein - Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee - August 2022 - Article

Kristen James Eberlein, Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee, and owner of Eberlein Consulting LLC details the criteria for becoming a DITA Technical Committee(TC) voting member.

Agile Tips for Writing Teams - Mary Dickens - Connectbase - August 2022 - Article

Mary shares Agile tips to organize and bring together a team with members having different areas of responsibility or who are siloed from one another.

Rich Media, Delivering the Right Amount - Vaijayanti Nerkar - BMC Software - August 2022 - Article

Vaijayanti explores if there is a need for a certain percentage of information to be delivered through rich media and whether cloud-based products need more rich media, and whether more rich media equals to higher customer satisfaction.

How Healthy is Your Structured Content? Diagnose Content Reuse Issues with Harmonizer - Christopher Hill - Data Conversion Laboratory - August 2022 - Webinar

In this webinar Christopher will demonstrate Harmonizer’s role in performing a health check and speak to use cases that are important for any organization who has invested in DITA or S1000D.

Unconscious Bias Creep in Technical Writing - Anita Chaudhari and Vidya Vasudevan - VMware - July 2022 - Article

Anita and Vidya first identify how are biases can affect technical writing and they make suggestions on how to tackle these biases.

Dynamic Content – From Personalization to Individualization - Anu Singh - Fiserv - July 2022 - Article

Anu discusses how user experience with personalized content makes a compelling case for generating content recommendations dynamically based on a user’s historic behavior and preferences.

Writing for Localization 101 - Dana Aubin - Comtech Services - June 2022 - Article

Dana shares best practices gathered from research and conversations with industry experts to provide the questions that should be considered when adding translation or localization to your processes.

Time to Upgrade - Sowmya Jayakirthi and Usha Rani Gunapu - VMware - June 2022 - Article

Sowmya Jayakirthi and Usha Rani Gunapu share their thoughts about web accessibility and how websites should be developed and designed to enable all kinds of users to access and experience the sites equally, irrespective of their physical abilities.

A Seat at the Table - Dawn Stevens - Comtech Services - June 2022 - Article

Dawn reminisces about those big family holiday dinners when you were young and the dining room table was only for adults. The parallels to this familiar holiday occurrence are clear within our professional lives and a seat at the manager's table will give us a forum to be heard and the opportunity to make a difference.

DITA as code – a modern approach to the classic standard - Michal Skowron and Pawel Kowaluk - Guidewire - June 2022 - Article

Michal Skowron and Pawel Kowaluk explore the unconventional idea of how you can use DITA in the docs as code model to create a flexible modern workflow and a collaborative space for cross-functional teams.

In this talk, we will share examples from industries that have a history in structured content - such as publishing and technical documentation - as well as from industries that are ‘newer to the game’, such as pharma and financial services.

CIDM Sponsor Profile – Fluid Topics - Géraldine Boulez - Fluid Topics - June 2022 - Article

This article explores what Dynamic Content Delivery is and how it engages your users and takes your content to the next level.

Terminology? – How to establish your perfect process! - Christian Lang - Kaleidoscope - June 2022 - Webinar

While some organizations prefer a systematic process for defining corporate terminologies, others react to ad hoc requests, some are happy with a combination of both. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches and how to set them up in practice.

What’s the Impact? How to Get Better Results From All That Content - Christopher Willis - Acrolinx - June 2022 - Webinar

Chris Willis, Acrolinx CMO, explores the importance and value of content impact. You’ll learn: what impactful content looks like and if yours qualifies, why content impact outperforms basic quality to deliver better business results, and how technology can help you automate your content improvement.

What an Automated DITA Conversion Can Do for You (and what it can’t) - Helen St. Denis - Stilo - May 2022 - Webinar

Helen shares what an automated DITA conversion can and cannot do with legacy content.

JoAnn Hackos Honored by STC - Kathy Madison - Comtech Services - June 2022 - Article

A recap of JoAnn Hackos' awards received at the 2022 STC Summit Conference

Adopting a Data-driven Content Strategy - Aditi Kashikar - Automation Anywhere - June 2022 - Article

Adita examines how data is a critical element to scaling your organization’s content strategy because data gives you access to insights and metrics that can objectively demonstrate the value your content brings to your customers.