Headshot of a smiling woman with shortish hairDawn Stevens, Comtech Services
April 15, 2022

Comtech and CIDM are pleased to welcome Patricia (Trish) Grindereng to our team. Over the next five months, Trish will be transitioning into the roles currently held by Kathy Madison, who will be retiring in September 2022.  She will also be taking over a portion of the responsibilities previously performed by Lovonya Thomas, who passed away in March.

Trish is a high-energy individual who loves to meet new people and really get to know them. She comes to us from the people-centric environment of senior living management, which fostered an empathetic and compassionate approach to building positive working relationships as well as requiring significant organizational prowess. As the CIDM member liaison, Trish will apply these skills daily as she works to connect individuals with similar needs and experiences and to distribute important industry information to our members. She will work alongside our conference coordinator, Lisa Lambert, to provide insight into the current topics that are most important to our members so that we build our events to be as relevant as possible to the industry.

Trish has degrees in English and Advertising Design, which will be evident as she takes over the production of our CIDM Matters and Best Practices newsletters. Trish will also use this background in her role of Marketing Coordinator as she heads up our efforts to remain visible in the industry, grows our social media presence, and responds to requests for proposals. Trish will be our main contact if you have a consulting need, and she will coordinate the involvement of our consultants in determining the best approach to meeting that need.

Outside of work, Trish enjoys spending time with her new grandson. She fills her weekends either racing her motorcycle, performing in her local theatre company, or creating sculptures out of papier- mâché. She is an accomplished seamstress, mezzo soprano, and a French pastry chef, bringing delectable treats to the office every Monday. She also likes to play the game 2 lies and a truth, and invites you to get to know her in order to figure out what is actually fact in this paragraph .

We hope you will give Trish a warm welcome. She’ll be reaching out shortly on LinkedIn to connect with you, and you can meet her in person at ConVEx Tempe in May and at Best Practices in Baltimore in September. Members can also get to know her during our monthly round tables which she will help facilitate.