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July 15, 2019

Conferences can be one of the most rewarding training and networking opportunities. The diversity of voices and session offerings often kickstarts or revitalizes passion for an organization and for the work to be done. It’s especially helpful when all of the speakers come from the industry and have had similar struggles to what you’re going through. CIDM’s Best Practices conference excels at making this happen and is like no other in the industry.

Every year, the Best Practices conference brings together people in positions of leadership in order to collaborate and strategize on how to make use of what the current industry trends are. All sessions are focused on bringing you, the manager, into the fold and letting you see what your team sees and thus, hopefully, ending the worst of the battles you face within your organization. The Center for Information-Development Management prides itself on choosing dynamic and interesting locales across the country that encourage you to not only participate in the sessions, but also participate in a slice of local life.

Best Practices 2019 will help you say so long to summer in the heart of Austin, Texas, known for its live music and barbecue. Help us “keep Austin weird” as we look to explore what often seems impossible in our line of work: measuring success. Because, as nice as those motivational sayings about not judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree might be, they don’t help us when it comes to providing concrete data to people up the ladder and even to ourselves in order to make hard creative and financial decisions. If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ve probably asked yourself how do you even begin to measure such an abstract concept? How do you know if your team is measuring up to those industry norms? What data should you prioritize collecting? What do you even do with this data? Which of these outcomes is the most important?

Truthfully, there is likely no single right answer, but there are strategies. Returning after 10 years, one of our most popular keynote speakers, Douglas Hubbard, author of the best-selling business statistics book How to Measure Anything, will host a half-day session that will cover how to overcome the perception of “immeasurability” due to our own misconceptions and provide strategies for reducing uncertainty and understanding how to value information.

There will be many measuring-success related presentations, round table discussions and even a management therapy session where you can discuss your challenges with other managers either one-on-one or in group therapy. We’ll wrap up the conference with an optional post-conference symposium entitled “Smarter, Faster, Better Content: What do we need to know?”

Here’s what some of our Members have said about this and past conferences:

  • “I think this conference is the only one that I have found that is specifically relevant to my job.”
  • “This conference has become one of my most important “tools” for continuing to move my team” into the 21st century.”
  • “An excellent, useful conference. Lots of good ideas. This will influence our development/roll-out plans.”
  • Thank you all for organizing yet another hugely-valuable, relevant, inspiring, and fun event! Can’t wait for next year.”

Best Practices 2019 is sure to have you line-dancing your way to defining success at your organization.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have some fun, learn how to measure success and network with industry leaders.

The conference will be held on September 9-11, 2019. Visit: to register and get more information.