DITA Information Modeling Deck

Comtech created these cards to help you plan your DITA implementation and create your DITA information model. Each card contains best practice guidelines to help you choose which elements you need and the content models to help you further define the element structure most appropriate to your content.

Use your sorted and annotated cards as a specification for any necessary constraints development, as well as a quick reference to your information model.

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Introduction to DITA Book

Comtech’s bestselling Introduction to DITA includes DITA 1.2 mechanisms, including keyref, conkeyref, constraint mechanism, and more information to bring DITA users up to date.

The tutorial lessons guide you step-by-step through the learning process from developing information topics and maps through content reuse mechanisms and modifying the DITA environment to meet your needs better. DITA 1.3 edition coming soon!

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