Scott Abel, Heretto Content Wrangler
August 15, 2023

Far too often, the work of technical communicators fails to receive the recognition it deserves. Our teams are typically understaffed, underfunded, and under equipped. Our leaders sometimes need help connecting the value of what we produce to the experience prospective and existing customers encounter when interacting with our content.

There are no Academy Awards for technical documentation. That is, until now.

The CODiE Awards: Best Knowledge Center/Help Site

This year, the Software Information Industry Association (SIIA) added a new category to their annual Best of the Web contest, the 2023 CODiE Awards. Emphasizing the significance of seamless customer support and accessible product information, the SIIA now honors the Best Knowledge Center/Help Site on the web.

By elevating the role of knowledge center content, this groundbreaking CODiE Award addition celebrates tech comm organizations that have excelled in providing exceptional self-help resources, revolutionizing customer support experiences, and setting new benchmarks for knowledge sharing.

The documentation team at SaaS data management platform, Reltio (CIDM member) was honored as a finalist in this year’s competition. Check out their award-worthy documentation portal, powered by Heretto.

Rewarding Customer-Centric Solutions

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, customers expect instant access to information, particularly answers to questions about products and services. Recognizing this demand, the CODiE Awards highlights the importance of unified, comprehensive knowledge centers and help sites.

Whether it’s a vast repository of FAQs, interactive tutorials, or dynamic self-service information, the new category honors organizations that provide self-service support options to empower their customers to find answers to their questions without needing to contact customer support.