November 1, 2022

Ready – steady – go(vernance)!

How to govern your content processes for maximum efficiency and impact

These days, just about every team is under pressure to try and do more with less. Technical communication teams at large enterprises are no exception. Technical content closely connects to business goals, like reducing the number of calls to customer support through the quality and clarity of their manuals. Or lowering the risk of wrong product usage through clear and consistent tone and terminology.

It’s challenging to reach those goals, especially when there are a broad variety of people who actually produce technical content for the company. Most often, it’s a mixture of all of these:

  1. Full-time content professionals: It seems as though just about every company employs at least one person who does the writing. At large corporations, there can be hundreds or even thousands of writers working to support the company.
  2. Third-party professionals: Many companies rely on freelance writers, content agencies, and other third parties to ramp up content production. While it’s often a cost-effective way to scale, working with third parties also adds complexity.
  3. Other non-writers in the organization: In most organizations, plenty of other people get involved in the process of creating content. For instance, product teams contribute documentation and product overviews. While it’s wonderful to have many different people creating content on behalf of the company, writing may not be their area of expertise. You need to make sure their content complies with your company’s style guidelines and preferences.

How to accomplish all these challenges?

One of the best options is to embrace technology that’s tailored to improve and manage enterprise content.

Goal-oriented content is the way forward

You need to bring order and discipline to content creation by implementing various tools, policies, and frameworks that allow you to better govern the process. Typically, this should include a thoughtful strategy, well-defined brand and style guidelines, and carefully curated terminology databases. In turn, this helps propel efficiency.

Of course, simply having the right documents, procedures, and policies in place isn’t enough. You also need a way to automatically enforce them at scale. Thus, you maximize your existing budget, so you’re creating the highest quality and most effective content possible for every dollar you spend.

This is where Acrolinx contributes.

How Acrolinx can help!

Acrolinx is an AI-powered software that improves the quality and impact of enterprise content.

Acrolinx gives your writers immediate in-depth feedback on the clarity and style of their writing — making sure it’s aligned to your brand. This means that large teams, with different language skills and across different locations, can be guided to meet your content strategy and goals. Automation takes over the usually time-consuming editing for quality control, and integrates into your content creation process to deliver automatic alignment. And this fuels efficiency.

With Acrolinx, your technical communication benefits from:

  • Cost savings: You reduce the cost of creating content by increasing the value of your internal resources, while also decreasing external spend. Acrolinx reduces proofreading time, giving professional editors more bandwidth to focus on complex information and the technical accuracy of their communications.
  • Great writer alignment – even for non-writers: Acrolinx supports your technical communicators with professional writing tips that are easy to implement. This is true for both your team members and any external resources, whether they’re SMEs or professional technical communicators. Our technology keeps your technical content clear, concise, and easy to understand.
  • Lower risk, greater compliance: Hard to understand and incorrect technical communication jeopardizes your success. Acrolinx finds problematic content in your company communications, including technical documents and how-to web pages. So, your technical writing team can solve issues before they create problems.
  • Content governance: Improving your technical content is crucial for your business. But more so, you need to make sure to always keep an eye on the content your organization creates. Acrolinx provides rich analytic insights. These are critical because they help you with content governance. Knowing how your technical content is doing, you can make evidence-based decisions to improve your goals, strategies, and processes.

Ultimately, using a systematic, centralized solution to improve content creation is the best way to increase the volume and velocity of your content.

Find out how Acrolinx helps technical communicators create better user experiences with clear and effective content. Schedule a demo today!