Recorded on December 15, 2022

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The new 20s have been very turbulent so far, and have shaken many basic beliefs in the industry. It might seem comforting to know that at least Component Content Management Systems still work just as reliably as they did back in 2019, 2014, or 2008… wait. Isn’t it time for a change? Experts agree that even the latest trends like content delivery, ontologies, or the cloud won’t bring about the change needed for software to evolve the way technical writers actually use it. If we question our basic assumptions on how a CCMS works, however, we might find some exciting new possibilities.

An industry expert will highlight the megatrends of the 20s and try to draw new conclusions for CCMSs. And no matter where this webinar will lead us, we’ll have plenty of material for discussion at the end.

Presented By Sebastian Göttel

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Sebastian Göttel is Head of Marketing and Product Management at Quanos Content Solutions GmbH. The computer scientist has been involved with XML editing systems and content delivery since 1998. In the Tekom environment, he worked on version 1.0 of the iiRDS standard. [email protected]